Brisbane Square Library

Brisbane Square Library is fast becoming popular with parents and children alike, offering some fantastic programs for little ones and are the perfect place to immerse them in, especially during the school holidays, regardless of the weather.

A splash of colour and books.. Be proud of our Brisbane City Library


Unlike its scholarly cousin the State Library of Queensland across the river, the Brisbane Square Library’s unique design and vibrant blue and yellow cubed exterior stands out against the muted tones of our city skyline and is a great representation of its contemporary and vibrant youth.

Brisbane Square Library is over three levels!


Step inside the entrance to the library and you will immediately be impressed by its architectural wonders.  Spread comfortably over three large levels, the light-filled interior is tastefully designed and a welcome space to wile a few hours away by yourself or with your family.

On arrival we breezed through the ground level fairly quickly.  Although I stared longingly at the coffee shop and magazine / newspaper lounge my three children were eager to go up to the higher levels to see what was on offer.  And indeed, as soon as we ascended up to the second and third levels the library instantly appeared to expand and come to life before us.

More than just a building with books


Although home to an impressive collection of over 110,000 items there is also so much more on offer at the Brisbane Square Library than what you would usually expect to find.  Along with the rows and rows of books and reference material, the banks of computers for use and the impressively fast (and free) WIFI you will also find facilities to watch live news and sports broadcasts, listen to CDs and watch DVDs.  These areas are all refreshingly spacious, comfortable, clean and inviting what with low cushions, stools and seating.


Kids will love the gaming area and if they are keen to have a go on an x-box then they can book in some time to play (the headphones are a welcome accessory to keep the hushed and peaceful library tones in check).

Tranquil, self-contained study rooms are available for group meetings and can be booked in two hour blocks for anyone needing them and an abundance of quiet study desks that overlook the river and Southbank below rim the library walls.

Inspired Kids Corner in the heart of the city


Any good library, whilst providing a peaceful atmosphere, understands that our little people need to be enticed within its confines and encouraged to develop a love for all it does to enhance their minds and imagination.  Brisbane Square Library doesn’t disappoint.  Located on the second floor, the inspired space has been themed around the award-winning book ‘Home’, (which was actually written for the library), and is based on the real story of two peregrine falcons who decide to make the city their home.

The room is a wide, bright space with books, an interactive floor section, giant lego blocks, activity tables, an arcade game and a section of trees that circle and canopy low reading tables.


There are the usual regular weekly activities like toddler time, nursery rhymes and storytelling but also a fantastic program of craft and activities set up during the school holidays.  This is when we went and my girls had a great time colouring, cutting out and crafting head pieces which was then followed by an animated group storytelling session.

Getting There And Away


Whilst this library is obviously popular for local businesses, employees and students it is also incredibly easy for the rest of Brisbane to visit as well.  We took the bus in (to save money and as added entertainment for the kids) but trains and the city cat are also obvious alternatives as well.  Parked right outside the entrance is a stream of council cycles available to hire as well so if you are a family that loves to ride then this may definitely be an activity to add to your day out.

The Verdict


Books are a big love of my family and we have enjoyed the offerings of many of the libraries within our beautiful city over the years though Brisbane City Square Library takes it to a whole new level.  Be it the fun and delightful kids corner or the many, many beautiful pods, spaces and facilities on offer this is a well though-out library that really does cater for all that may seek refuge within its literally-filled walls.

Brisbane Square Library is fresh and exciting in both its surrounds and facilities but its location encourages a full day of adventure and fun for kids what with the bus, train or city cat ride and a quick visit to Southbank only a bridge walk away.


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