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Brisbane Marketplace otherwise known as the Rocklea Markets are the mega-market of Brisbane.  The grounds are massive, with wide concreted pathways covered almost completely in overhead sails and the regulars are loyal.  Not only is it the largest of its kind, but it is literally a two-day affair with its Saturday Fresh Market and Sunday Discovery Market offering two completely different shopping experiences.

The Rocklea Saturday Fresh Markets 

Like most markets, the Saturday Fresh Market is open and bustling from an eye-bleary 6am.  Although famous for its rows and rows of cheap and plentiful fruit and vegetables you’ll also be spoilt with plenty of other delights amongst the 190 stalls that sell here.   Have your trolley cart ready (maybe even two!) as you are treated to an array of herbs, spices, cheeses, meat, seafood, poultry, deli and baked goods as far as the eye can see.  There is also a delightful flower market sheltered beneath the sales with an intoxicating choice of varieties, colours, scents and reasonable prices.  Be careful with kids around the bird and fish stalls (I dare you to leave these without a new pet in tow) and check out the great range of indoor and outdoor plants instead.

The markets also have a large food court section which is ringed by a selection of mouth-watering international cuisine stalls.  Take a break mid-shop, consider your purchases and enjoy the live music while you delight in the food on offer.  It’s hard to miss the Greek stall with its fantastic yoghurt or the ever-popular German style hot dogs and if tiredness starts to set in there are plenty of options for your early morning coffee hit.

The markets close at 12pm on Saturday and if you want the best produce you are best to make your arrival as early as possible (also to ensure a good car spot).  There are benefits to having a cheeky sleep-in though.  If your snooze hand works overtime then getting there late may mean you don’t have as wide a choice, but many of the stalls start to discount their produce heavily to clear the stock.

Prepare for an overload of choices and to go home with an armful of goodies!

When: 6am – 12pm

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The Rocklea Sunday Discovery Market 

The Sunday Discovery Market may share the same opening hours and venue as the Saturday Fresh Market but that is about where the similarities end.

Exactly as the name suggests, these markets are a goldmine for bargain hunters and over 5,000 of the species flock there every week to see what they can find amongst the 380 stalls that cram into the large area.  Similar to a garage sale on a much grander scale, prepare to be drawn in by the many great finds on offer as you dig your way through the large range of new and used products, antiques, clothes, toys, CDs, DVDs, home renovation products, collectables and so much more.

For the best bargains possible be here bright and early with the regulars, the seasoned professionals that can smell a good deal a mile away and are ready with their keen eyes to spot a useful find.  Don’t be shy to question a price either.  Haggling is a way of life here so test your skills and see what great deals you can walk away with.

If you are strong enough just to stroll your way amongst the wares then spend your saved coins on the food court or shout the kids on one of the amusement rides that border the eatery.  Actually, you can do that regardless of how frivolous you have been – the marketplace conveniently houses two ATM machines which makes spending money on that unexpected find all the easier.

Whether it is the Saturday Fresh or the Sunday Discovery that suits your fancy both market days have a lot to offer their patrons.  Whether it’s the huge range on offer, the great bargains and prices, the impressive food or the live entertainment – there are just too many reasons not to check them out this weekend!

When: 6am – 12pm

Brisbane Night Markets at Rocklea

When Friday night 4pm – 10pm. Here is a video from Adventurers on a Budget to show you what it is all about:

Brisbane Market Place Parking and Entry

Vehicle entry into the Saturday Fresh or Sunday Discovery Markets is $4 per vehicle (which includes entry into the markets for all passengers in the car), but there is plenty of free parking available in the new multi-level car park across the road.  Pedestrians can enter for $1 (under 15 years is free) via the corner of Sherwood Road and Martin Taylor Drive.

The Brisbane Night Market is held across the road from the Saturday and Sunday Markets.  All parking at the Brisbane Night Market is free, with adult entry for $2.50 (under 15 years is free).

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