At home with Brisbane Kids on Holidays


At Home with Brisbane Kids on Holidays

Brisbane Kids on holidays can be a tough time for families on a budget or weary parents who are taking holidays from work and would prefer to simply ponder around the home. We understand and so have created this list with ideas for you on ways to amuse your Brisbane Kids without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The Top 25 holiday ideas at home for Brisbane Kids

  1. Make Slime– Or refer to the other Craft & Fun Ideas page of Brisbane Kids
  2. Have a camp-out in the backyard
  3. Water paint on some cement- no mess, no fuss!
  4. Plant a vege garden (head to your local markets and get cheap seedlings)
  5. Plant some mustard seeds in some egg cartons and let the littlies see them grow
  6. Build the biggest indoor cubby house you have ever seen
  7. Jigsaw time!! Do it to a soundtrack of Mozart!
  8. Teach your toddler to play snap
  9. Bake with your kids– let them be in charge of the decorating
  10. Make paper airplanes
  11. Make puppets from old socks and have a puppet show
  12. Make a kite and fly it
  13. Make instruments out of household objects and have a music show
  14. Make an obstacle course- indoors or out
  15. Check out some toddler games on the computer
  16. Get the kids to make a book
  17. Play dress ups
  18. Set up a shop with your pantry
  19. PAINT!!!
  20. Make playdough- see our rainy day ideas
  21. Go buy some clay and do some clay work
  22. Play hopscotch
  23. Read books
  24. Rent some DVDs and have a movie day
  25. Buy some balloons, blow them up and let the kids have some fun

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