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The Brisbane Independent School (BIS) is a progressive coeducational primary school for Prep to Year 6. Situated in Pullenvale, the School has been preparing children for life-long learning for over fifty years by not only delivering the Australian curriculum but also incorporating contemporary educational principles and providing opportunities for individualised study. This unique and dynamic school values emotional intelligence, respectful communication, and passion for discovery.

BIS was established in 1968 by a group of lecturers and professionals seeking more for their children’s educations than schools were providing at the time. With the first classes being held in private homes, BIS moved to its present location in 1972. The democratic principles of the school highlight the importance of community input. Building the School has been a community effort, with buildings being built by parents and the grounds planted by students, staff, and parents. The decorations and artworks found around the school reflect more than fifty years of BIS history.

Brisbane Independent School Philosophy and Values

“Brisbane Independent School’s mission is to nurture, develop and trust our pupils’ innate love of learning and positive values. We produce graduates who are respectful, confident, competent and self-motivated, with the skills necessary for life-long learning in all facets of their lives.”

“Brisbane Independent School is based around a philosophy of education for the purpose of development of a well-grounded child who can develop into an adult who is capable of achieving his/her hopes and dreams. To do this we believe that every moment of our life is a learning experience that sees us engage with the world from our individual learning style, personality type and perspectives. To apply this philosophy to the whole school means that every element of the school is chosen to enhance the growth and development of the individual along a developmental continuum that encompasses cognitive, moral, ego, physical, social and emotional as well as psychological development.”

“We accept that we are all part of a lifelong process of values learning – it is not innate. This process has three stages, starting from the self, and expanding to include the wider world. Our innovative curriculum supports this process by exploring themes each term that extend and develop our student’s understanding of themselves and their place within the world.” (Source: Brisbane Independent School)

Facilities at Brisbane Independent School

BIS classrooms are designed as open planned learning spaces that link directly to the outdoors. Broad verandahs and designated art areas are used to stimulate thought, expression and discussion. This link to nature allows students to interact with their environment and forge a strong connection to the natural world. Classrooms also double as performance spaces and multimedia hubs.

BIS students are encouraged to express their creativity through games in the School’s playground that includes a sandpit, climbing platforms around the “Big BIS Tree”, and interactive play equipment. The School’s grounds house a variety of opportunities to explore nature, with areas such as the frog pond and the fruit tree forest.

The school also has a hall for events and sports as well as a communal kitchen and parent lounge.

Image courtesy of Brisbane Independent School

Image courtesy of Brisbane Independent School

Brisbane Independent School Curriculum

The focus of the BIS curriculum is the holistic view that the child as the centre of the learning experience. Over the last forty years, the School has explored innovative and cutting edge theories to develop the rich and exciting curriculum it uses today.

Curriculum content is divided into three parts:

  • Self study: developing and nurturing the individual’s experience through a range of strategies.
  • Group and community study: learning how to work with others, communicate effectively and develop rules that work for the whole community.
  • Systems skills and knowledge: the Australian Curriculum is explored and mastered through this part of our curriculum.

At BIS, students graduate from one room to another when they are developmentally ready – not because of age or the end of a calendar year. Teachers track student development along academic, physical, social, emotional and self-direction continually to work out the optimal time for them to move to the next classroom. The aim of the graduation process is to be joyful and exciting; where students feel empowered by the transition.

BIS classrooms are structured in five groups; The Big Cats, The Kestrels,The Penguins, The Otters and The Dolphins.

  • The Big Cats: academically this room is a Pre Prep – Prep room, with the developmental needs of the students being immediacy, pattern based learning, play and clear boundaries.
  • The Kestrels: academically this room is Prep – 1 – A transition room, the students are working in small groups to consolidate literacy and numeracy learning
  • The Penguins: academically this room is a grade 1 – 3 setting, with the developmental needs of the students being pair work as writing, spelling and maths becomes important.
  • The Otters: academically this room is a grade 3-4 setting – A transition room, the students are consolidating their project and self direction skills before the Dolphins room
  • The Dolphins: academically this room is for grades 4 – 6, with the developmental needs of students being group work as they explore, discuss and play with ideas.

Students at BIS are responsible for helping out around the school, either in the library, the kitchen, with the pets, or organising sporting activities. All these jobs enable the students to be an active a part of the school community.

Enrolment at Brisbane Independent School

Due to limited class sizes, BIS has a waiting list for entry to most grades. To lodge an enrolment application, contact [email protected] to attend a school tour, complete a waitlist form and return it to the School along with the waitlist fee. Once your application is received, you will be sent a confirmation letter and an invitation to the BIS Future Family Playgroup. All Future Families are invited to attend the School’s yearly events to help welcome them into the school community. When a place becomes available, an enrolment application form is to be completed and returned to BIS along with the application fee. Details of all fees can be found on the BIS website.

BIS offers some scholarships from years 2-6. The program offers reduced tuition fees for selected students for the whole of their schooling. More information about current availability are available by contacting BIS.

Brisbane Independent School at a Glance

  • Address: 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale
  • Phone: (07) 3378 5466
  • Enrolment capacity: 100 students
  • Prep to Year 6
  • Co-educational
  • Open Day: refer to school website
  • School tours are held regularly during school terms, contact the enrolments officer at [email protected] for availabilities
  • Come and See morning teas held regularly during school terms, RSVP on the website
  • BIS scholarships for years 2-6 are sometimes available
  • Small school with teacher and aide in every room
  • 5 multi-age classrooms
  • Weekly Yoga and Ju Jitsu Class
  • Meditation and Relaxation in every classroom
  • Community Leadership program for all students from Prep
  • Parents and students actively participate in the BIS community
  • Whole Community Meeting and Working Bee each Term
  • Australian curriculum includes
    • English
    • Maths
    • Science
    • Technology and ICT
    • History and Geography
    • Arts
    • Spanish

Why Choose Brisbane Independent School

Brisbane Independent School’s beautiful surroundings, innovative curriculum, flexible learning structures, along with the co-operative nature of the school community, appeals to families looking for a school that is more than a place of learning for their children. Parents are an integral part of the BIS community and their involvement has created the unique learning environment that it is today. Small class sizes provide an optimal learning space where teachers develop nurturing and mentoring bonds with students. The School has a long history of producing students who are highly motivated, accomplished individuals who go on to succeed at all they put their minds to.

Brisbane Independent School is located at 2447 Moggill Road, Pullenvale. Find out more about the school at, or phone (07) 3378 5466.

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