Brisbane Art for Kids with The Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew exhibit

The Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew exhibit is now on at GOMA  and will be until Janurary 2014- however we took advantage of the Ekka Show holiday to check it out. As can be expected from the centre, there was plenty to entertain and educate. The theme of course is everything ’roo’, with activities focused on learning about the kangaroo crew. These activities include creating kangaroo masks and electronic posters, and playing kangaroo-themed computer games.

kids exhibition goma

The Kangaroo Crew are characters brought to life by indigenous Australian Artist Hookey, who created the story of The Sacred Hill. This story is illustrated by more than 20 paintings which hang in the corridor of the exhibit.

the scared hill exhibition

For those that love a computer game, they will not be disappointed. The Kangarcade features a game that is fun and appropriate for younger kids. It’s as simple as bouncing your way up various levels to reach the top.

kangabop fun

Mask Making for Kids

Visitors get to choose a kangaroo mask to colour and assemble. A multi-level stage set to resemble a rocky hillside is the perfect spot for the kids to practice their kangaroo-ing.

mask making workshops

Another feature of this exhibit is the ‘Roo You’ electronic poster program, which allows you to put your head on a roo or wallaby and see yourself on a poster on the exhibit’s wall, complete with quirky name and self-designed colour scheme. You can also ‘Roo Yourself’ from home if you have a web cam by clicking here –

kids fun goma

We made this a budget outing by bringing lunch to eat on the lawn outside after our visit. We parked beneath the cultural centre for $15.00 and admission to GOMA is free. If you bring a larger bag, be prepared to check it in at the door. Photography is allowed in the kid’s gallery, but not in the other areas of the centre.

While we were there, we also stopped by the Queensland State Library’s The Corner. They have a band theme on at the moment which is also worth a look.

Our guest blogger for this Article was  Brisbane Occupational Therapist Nicole Grant from Gateways Therapies.


The Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew exhibit is on until 27 January 2014.

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  1. Jess says:

    My 2 nearly 3 year old son and I went to the GOMA Kangaroo Crew exhibition today (Friday) and it was great. We made a poster and coloured in a mask. My son loved pretending to be a kangaroo jumping around their staged area which is like bush. He had lots of fun.

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