Bradbury Park Kedron

Bradbury Park Kedron Scooter Track

The new and improved Bradbury Park at Kedron is open for business. This sprawling greenspace is now home to a looped scooter track with heaps of fun and challenging obstacles and the much talked about mystical Magic Forest. There is also outdoor fitness equipment, a small playground and a fenced dog off-leash area, not to mention plenty of places to play with a ball, run around or have a picnic.

Bradbury Park Scooter Track

concrete bike track

This purpose-built scooter track at Bradbury Park is approximately 200m long, with many obstacles. You will find The Moguls, The Side Ramp, The Boulders, The Tunnel and The Pyramid, just to name a few. There is even an open door, which you can scoot through, should you choose to accept the challenge.

A large portion of the track is ideal for toddlers, with an additional part of the track suitable for the more confident and older children. Whilst the track is designed with scooters in mind, skateboards, bicycles and other non-motorised wheeled craft are welcome.

The track is surrounded by lots of grassy areas and is not close to the road, which is great if your little one veers off course! Park benches are dotted around the track, or alternatively you can bring a picnic blanket and sit under the shade of nearby trees.

There is a large, fully-fenced dog off-leash area not far from the scooter track, in case your four-legged friend wants to come along and have a run around.

Magic Forest

magic forest kedron

Enter the Magic Forest through the Magic Seahorse Window before exploring the rest of the woodland. This area is a wonderful nature play area suited to the younger children, utilising lots of logs, pebbles, sand and pre-existing trees to create a play space that is both inviting and surprising.

At every twist and turn there is a little gem waiting to be discovered, and with the majority of these being low to the ground, they are perfect for children to uncover. There are animals etched into logs, rocks with faces, a piano carved into a log, and quite a few brass animals scattered around the forest.

Children are free to roam the area in any way they please, though there is a sign at the beginning of the forest, explaining the various components of the Magic Forest including The Village, Old Man Owl Bridge and the Trail of Friendly Snails.

At the other end of the forest you will find the Guardian Throne, where children can perch themselves and be king or queen of the forest. There are lots of photo opportunities throughout the forest so be sure to bring your camera.

Whilst the Magic forest/playground and the scooter track are in the same park, they are actually about 200-300m apart, so keep this in mind when planning your visit. The Magic Forest is located on the southern side of the netball courts, whilst the scooter track is further south towards Kitchener Road.


kedron playground 

shade sails over park

The playground is not overly large, but still has a good variety of equipment for your Brisbane Kid. It contains traditional swings and a slide, as well as some springers/rockers, a chain link bridge and climbing rings. The playground is not fenced, though it is a long-distance from any roads, and is surrounded by grassy areas, so it is relatively easy to keep track of your little ones.

The playground has a bark base (rubber under the swings) with shade cloths covering the bulk of the equipment, providing much-needed shade. Nearby sheltered picnic tables provide a great resting place for both children and adults.

Imagination Factor

Youngsters imagination will definitely be sparked as they enter Bradbury Park. From racing around the scooter track to playing hide and seek or searching for hidden gems in the Magic Forest, there is something for everyone.


Unfortunately, at this stage, this playground does not cater for all-abilities. There is a lack of concrete paths linking the areas and none of the play equipment is accessible.

Bradbury Park Features

  • Playground (unfenced) covered by shade sails
    • Swings (including a toddler swing)
    • Slide
    • Springers/rockers
    • Bark base (rubber matting under the swings)
  • Magic Forest (nature play area) with small sandpit
  • Looped scooter track (approx. 200m long) with various obstacles
  • Picnic tables and bench seating
  • Water fountains
  • Ample greenspace
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Netball courts (not for public use on game days)
  • Dog off-leash area
  • On and off-street parking

Note: At this stage there are no public toilet facilities close by to the scooter park or Magic Forest, but they are planned for continued (and extensive) upgrades planned for the future. 

These enhancements are said to include improved car parking, new toilets, picnic facilities, connecting pathways and a play area for older children.

Bradbury Park is located at 91 Kitchener Road, Kedron

There are many entry points for this park due to its size. A designated carpark can be found on the corner of Batten and Allan Streets, Kedron.




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