Bracken Ridge Reserve Park in Bracken Ridge | A park with a view

Bracken Ridge park

Bracken Ridge Reserve Park’s elevated position provides a fabulous outlook for a lovely family picnic and a play.

Bracken Ridge Reserve Park – The Fun

Bracken Ridge Reserve Park is a spacious park on the crest of Bracken Ridge. Enter via Barrett Street for easy access to a large kids’ playground (with play equipment for toddlers to tweens), public toilets, electric barbecue and picnic facilities and expansive bay views. Also on site is a large dog off leash area, open grassy spaces with a variety of city and wetland views, a wooded area and a basketball hoop. That’s the good stuff… In addition to the good stuff are private council roadways, a giant concrete reservoir, maintenance sheds and a fair few mobile phone towers. This is not ideal, but is fascinating for little boys! Don’t let this ruin your idea of the perfect picnic, as the park has 360° views and plenty of ways to relax while the kids play.

Imagination Factor

We love the pedal powered ride at Bracken Ridge Reserve Park! Kids will have a ball as they pedal hard and spin through the air on their helicopter. The hanging balance equipment is perfect for monkeys swinging from branch to branch, whilst the views from the swings will have your Brisbane Kids soaring through outer space.

Special Needs

There are accessible toilet facilities at Bracken Ridge Reserve Park and no steps required to access the park or barbecue facilities. There are concrete paths on site; however they do not follow all the way around the facilities. There are no wheelchair friendly swings or play equipment. The playground is unfenced and there are no shade structures present, though there are plenty of shady trees.

Bracken Ridge Reserve Park – The Facts

  • Unfenced playground
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Rubber matting and bark base
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Climbing wall
  • Climbing net
  • Cool self-propelled ride
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Large shady trees
  • Grassy open space
  • Electric barbeque
  • Picnic tables, shelters and bench seating
  • Car park
  • Dog park
  • 360° degree views

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Hidden World Playground.

Bracken Ridge Reserve Park is located on Snooker and Barrett Streets in Bracken Ridge.

More photos coming very soon…

Center map

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