Bracken Ridge BMX Track

Bracken Ridge BMX Track

One of Australia’s biggest BMX tracks has recently opened and, lucky for Brisbane Kids, it was built in Bracken Ridge on Brisbane’s north side! Commissioned by the Brisbane City Council and set on a 5,700 square meter parcel of land, there is 640 meters of track for the kids to test at this awesome setup! BMX is a fantastic hobby for boys and girls; you might even see mum and dad get in on the act. It’s a great activity for all ages and no prior skill is necessary, so just give it a go!

The Bracken Ridge BMX Track

Designed by JW Concepts, the track at the Bracken Ridge BMX facility was created to be a great learner track that is also fun for all levels of rider. There is no designated direction nor start or finish point, which allows for riders to be creative in designing their own circuits; and there is more than enough track and options to do so. Two large corners (berms) are featured at one end, making it easier to maintain speed before traversing one of the many lengths of consecutive jumps (rhythm sections). In the middle of the track is one large, reasonably deep bowl, as well as two smaller, shallower bowls located at the opposite end.

There are various grades of hills at this BMX track, so there’s something to interest every rider; whether a confident daredevil or a very cautious rider just starting out. To allow for more length of track on site, the width of each section of track only allows for riders to get around in single file. Located around the edges are level concreted ledges for riders to stop, take a moment and think about their next circuit. In between the track is astroturf, which makes for a softer landing if there are some stacks. Probably one of the best things about this track is it hasn’t been designed for club racing. This means it’s open to the public 365 days of the year.

BMX Safety & Courtesy

While the track can’t be closed off and isn’t officially closed during wet weather, please be mindful of track conditions for personal safety. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Dressing appropriately isn’t a bad idea either. Spills are inevitable, so dressing in long trousers and shirts, enclosed sturdy footwear, and wearing a helmet are all a good place to start. We recommend bringing along a tyre pump and small repair kit so if something goes wrong it doesn’t ruin your trip.

Special Needs

There is a water bubbler near the Bracken Ridge BMX Track to refill water bottles. It does get quite hot on the track, as the surface absorbs a lot of heat, so even on a winters’ day you can get very hot very quickly and sunburnt. The car park is connected to the spectator area by accessible concrete paths. From the spectator area you can see the entirety of the track, which is great for parents. Seating is limited, and the shade does depend on the time of day. For spectators it would be wise to pack a folding chair and a broad brimmed hat – this BMX track gets very busy!

Bracken Ridge BMX Track – The Facts

  • One of the biggest BMX tracks of its kind in Australia
  • Open 365 days a year
  • No designated direction, start nor finish – create your own circuit
  • Bitumen track
  • Open in all weather conditions
  • Carparking available onsite
  • Bathrooms located at the front of the Emily Seebohm Aquatic Centre (100 meters away), with wheelchair access
  • Water bubblers
  • Spectator area with limited shade and seating
  • Flood lights for night time riding

Adjacent to the Bracken Ridge BMX Track is a fantastic skate plaza and the Emily Seebohm Aquatic Centre. After working up a sweat why not treat yourselves to fish and chips or ice cream by the waterfront at Sandgate and enjoy those cool sea breezes.

The Bracken Ridge BMX track is located on the corner of Telegraph and Lemke Roads, Fitzgibbon. The car park entrance is down a slip road at 523 Bracken Ridge Road. 

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