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Bundjalung National Park

Camping in Bundjalung National Park

The trip to Black Rocks Campgrounds was about 330km from our home in Brisbane. It was a great drive down, with many little stop-off opportunities in case the children or parents need to take a quick rest or use the bathroom.

Bundjalung National Park

The Black Rocks campsite is in the Bundjalung National Park and we were fortunate enough to have a campsite about 50 metres away from the beach! We spent most of our stay exploring the sand dunes and having fun along the shoreline. It really felt like we had our own private beach—the only people using it are those staying in the campgrounds.

Bundjalung National Park

There are also some amazing big black rocks in the area that are great for climbing with the kids—our children spent a lot of time exploring the little ‘caves’ in these rocks and having a wonderful time.

Bundjalung National Park

There is also a river nearby for swimming, with swings and kayaks for everyone to enjoy.

Bundjalung National Park

Facilities at Black Rocks Campgrounds

  • Black Rocks campgrounds have accommodation for camping, campers and camper trailers.
  • There is no water for drinking or showering.
  • The only amenities are a few “long drops”.
  • The campsite has a no pet policy.
  • There is a lot of wildlife present. We saw quite a few kangaroos, goannas and blue tongue lizards.
  • They have gas barbeques if you need to cook dinner.
  • Each camp site also has its own fire pit and BBQ grill if you’re up for a wood fire or BBQ.

Bundjalung National Park

Activities to enjoy at Black Rocks Campgrounds

  • Beach
  • River
  • Walking trails

Bundjalung National Park

How to make the most of your stay at Black Rocks Campgrounds

  • Bring lots of drinking water and your own outdoor shower.
  • There was a fire in the area recently (late 2013), leaving not many big trees for shade, so sun protection is necessary.
  • The sites are not powered, so bring your own lights etc.
  • Spend the day on the sand dunes, as it’s a lot of fun, with great breeze coming off of the sea.
  • Drive slowly on the 20 minute dirt road, as we had quite a few kangaroos jumping in front of us while driving to and from the campsite.
  • There is a town about 20-30 minutes away from the park, just in case you forget something.

Bundjalung National Park

Black Rocks Campgrounds are located on The Gap Road in Bundjalung National Park in NSW.

Please visit their website for more information –

Thanks to Silvana for this camp site review!

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