Bird Watching in Brisbane with Kids


Bird Watching in Brisbane for Kids

Contributor: Shannon, Mum in Brisbane

Brisbane Kids and kids everywhere have a natural instinct to enjoy nature and wildlife. Finding different ways to enjoy the natural gifts that Brisbane has to offer is not only fun but FREE! So head off to your local park, reserve or walking track and listen for and look for the birds that surround us!

“We love bush walking as an extended family (kids ages 1, 3, 6 & 9). 

The good thing with four adults means that we all have time to take

photos (another family obsession) and there is always someone watching the kids.

We look for birds and use and identification sheet (see link below) so

that the younger kids can join in.  We have also have a couple of

encounters with leeches”

Identification Sheet for Brisbane Kids

Places in Brisbane to Go Bird watching with Kids

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