Best Scooter Parks in Brisbane

Scooters continue to be a popular leisure activity and mode of transport, particularly among children, as they are portable and fast way to get around and create a bit of fun on two wheels.

Having a safe and fun place to ride scooters, without the danger of cars nearby, is a priority for many families, which is why we have compiled this list. So next time your child asks to ride their scooter, why not check out some of our favourite scooter parks in and around Brisbane.

What Makes a Good Scooter Park?

In order to classify a scooter park as ‘good’ we think it is important they contain some, if not all, of the following:

  • Ramps
  • Obstacles
  • Sections of flat tracks
  • Twists, turns and corners

Whilst the following are not mandatory, it is always an added bonus if a scooter park has:

  • Shaded areas
  • Toilet facilities
  • Separate areas for junior and senior riders
  • Additional activities on offer such as basketball courts, playgrounds, green space, and BBQ/picnic facilities

For more things to consider before you head off scootering with your kids you can fast forward to the end of this article

Brisbane’s Best Scooter Parks

Bracken Ridge BMX Track

522 Telegraph Road, Fitzgibbon

Bracken Ridge BMX Track

As the name suggests this is a BMX track, though it is also suitable, and often used by scooters. The track is 640-metre long and includes many lengths of consecutive jumps (rhythm section), two large corners and several bowls of varying depths, making it a great track for all skill levels. Astroturf surrounds the track making crash landings a bit softer. Next door is also a skate plaza, which some of the more confident riders may want to attempt.

Facilities: Flood lights for night riding, water bubblers, toilets (nearby to the Emily Seebohm Aquatic Centre),

Read our detailed review of Bracken Ridge BMX Track.

Bradbury Park

91 Kitchener Road, Kedron

A 200-metre, purpose-built scooter track is now open at Bradbury Park on Brisbane’s northside and contains many obstacles to challenge users – such as The Side Ramp, The Boulders, The Moguls, The Tunnel and The Pyramid. Whilst the track is ideal for toddlers, there is an additional part of the track geared for the more confident users.

Facilities: Playground, nature play area, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic tables, dog off-leash area (all within Bradbury Park but spread out)

Read our detailed review of Bradbury Park.

Crestmead Park

Corner of Gimlet Street and Royena Court, Crestmead

Crestmead Park

Crestmead Park boasts both a mini-traffic track and a skatepark making it a great destination for scooter riders of varying levels. The mini-traffic track is flat, and mirrors realistic traffic situations with divided roads and road signs, making it ideal for beginners. The large skate park is home to grind rails, stairs, ramps and a half pipe, which is more suited to the confident scooter riders who want to challenge themselves.

Facilities: Playground, basketball court, BBQ’s, water bubblers, picnic tables, dog off-leash area and toilets.

Read our detailed review of Crestmead Park.

DM Henderson Park

Granadilla Street, Macgregor

bitumen bmx track macgregor brisbane

The bitumen track at DM Henderson Park is designed for BMX’s but we think scooter riders will have just as much fun zooming up, down and around the moguls.

Facilities: Playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, cricket field/nets, basketball half-court, fenced dog off-leash park, BBQ’s, picnic tables and toilets.

Read our detailed review of DM Henderson Park.

Greenways Esplanade Park

Greenways Esplanade, Parkinson

Greenways Esplanade Park

This 200m wide, concrete track at Greenways Esplanade Park is suitable for scooters as it swerves and loops past designs inspired by Brisbane landmarks such as the Gateway Bridge, Brisbane River and the CBD.  The paths provide children with a fun way to learn road rules with realistic traffic signage, intersections, roundabouts, and crossings available to scoot around.

Facilities: Playgrounds, table tennis table, cricket nets, basketball half-court, dog off-leash area, BBQ’s, picnic tables and toilets.

Read our detailed review of Greenways Esplanade Park.

Wynnum Skate Park and Playground (Primrose Park)

Primrose Parade, Wynnum West

wynnum skatebowl

The skate park at Primrose Park is full of many obstacles where your scooter rider or skateboarder can practice or challenge themselves to learn new skills. The smooth surface contains a 1.2m, 1.4m and 1.5m high quarter pipes with hips and a bowl pocket, a 0.5m high pimple and skate rails.

Facilities: Playground, basketball area, picnic tables, BBQ’s and toilets.

Read our detailed review of Wynnum Skate Park and Playground.

Grinstead Park – 130 Shand Street, Enoggera

There is something for everyone at Grinstead Park. Young scooter riders will love the new learn to ride track which is set out like a road, with lanes, traffic signs, speed humps, zebra crossings, roundabouts and more.

Facilities: Playground, basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, BBQ’s, picnic tables and toilets.

Read our detailed review of Grinstead Park here.

Raby Bay Esplanade Park – 3 Grenoble Place, Ormiston

The park at Raby Bay Esplanade has had recent upgrades and is now home to a new 200m bike and scooter track, which includes plenty of opportunities for riders to practice their skills as they whizz around past traffic signs, through roundabouts and over speed humps.

Facilities: Playground, nature and waterplay areas, basketball half-court, outdoor fitness equipment, BBQ’s, picnic tables, water bubblers and toilets.

Other Brisbane parks with tracks suitable for scooters

AlgesterTimberland Park

Bellbowrie – Kangaroo Gully Road Park

PallaraPallara District Park

Springfield LakesGrande Park

Wellington Point – Plantation Place Park

BurpengarySymphony Crescent Park

ChermsideKidspace Playground

ClayfieldKalinga Park

Things to consider

Heading out on the scooters is a fun activity for the whole family, though it is worth considering a few things before you venture out on two wheels.

Helmets – no matter what age the rider is, wearing a helmet when scootering is imperative.

Safety gear – for beginners, consider donning some extra safety gear when on a scooter, such as knee pads and elbow pads. Long pants and closed-in shoes may also provide added protection from inevitable scrapes.

Sun protection – as with any outdoor activity make sun protection a priority (think hats, sunglasses and a sun hat).

Drinks – Scootering is thirsty work, so pack plenty of water to rehydrate riders

Timing of your visit – If you are visiting with younger children, or those who are still learning, time your visit so you are not scootering during peak times. Quieter times tend to be early in the morning on weekends, or during school hours on weekdays.

First Aid – Chances are there are going to be some bumps, scrapes and minor injuries, so consider packing a basic first-aid kit containing Band-Aids, antiseptic cream, water and wipes.

It is worth noting that public scooter parks are unsupervised and usually filled with children (young and old) of varying skill levels. So, before your child joins in, stand back and watch other riders to suss out the situation.

If there is a park perfect for scooters we have not listed above, please be sure to let us know.














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