The Best School Shoes

the best school shoes to buy

The biggest decision to be made for the new school year is, without a doubt, which school shoes to buy. There are so many different brands and styles available that it can seem a little overwhelming at first. We’ve put together a list of the best school shoes to help take the stress out of the decision process for you.

The best brands of school shoes

Clarks School Shoes

When you think school shoes you can’t help but think Clarks. They have a huge range of sneakers and leather school shoes for both boys and girls, ranging from $74.95 – $129.95. The range includes single and double velcro, lace up and slip on designs as well as Mary Jane’s and boots. Clarks also cater for half sizes and various widths to ensure a superior fit for kids’ school shoes. Click here for a review of Clarks Shoes.

Ascent School Shoes

Ascent offer a range of school shoes that are really sports shoes in disguise. They’re made with sporting shoe technology to withstand hours of activity, but they still look like formal school shoes. They have a range of shoes for boys and girls, and also cater for half sizes and multiple widths. Ascent shoes retail for $79.95 – $139.95, and come with a six month rubber outsole guarantee.

New Balance School Shoes

New Balance make sports shoes for kids instead of a traditional black school shoe. They offer a range of pre-school and school cross trainers for both girls and boys. New Balance come in standard and wide foot fittings, but not half sizes. Their shoes range from $60-$100 and come in various colours.

black school shoes

Where to buy the best school shoes

School Shoes at Myer

Myer offer in store fittings by trained shoe fitters in the children’s shoe department and also have an online shoe guide to help you find the right fit if you can’t make it into a store. They stock a range of different brands, but predominantly sell Clarks school shoes. Keep an eye out for discount offers throughout the summer school holidays and leading up to the beginning of the new school year.

Mathers School Shoes

Mathers offer in store fittings as well as a shoe guide for those purchasing online. They sell Clarks, Harrison, Lynx and Roc school shoes for kids. Discount offers for buying multiple pairs often become available in the weeks before the school year commences, making it worth your while to buy school shoes for each of your Brisbane Kids at the same time.

School Shoes from The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s Foot are the exclusive Queensland distributors of Ascent school shoes, and also stock Clarks school shoes. The Athlete’s Foot staff are extensively trained in school shoe fitting and use The Athlete’s Foot exclusive Fitprint(R) System to find the perfect shoe for your child. Our sensory school shoe purchase from Athlete’s Foot was one of the reasons why we’ll be returning each year for our school shoes and great customer service.

New Balance stores for school shoes

New Balance’s DFO store in Brisbane stocks their range, which is also available online.

The Best Budget School Shoes

Target school shoes

Target have their own brand of school shoes that are available online and in store. They generally have a leather upper, but are predominantly synthetic and range in price from $25 – $39. Target have a size guide available online, though do not offer a fitting service in store.

Grosby school shoe stockists

Grosby have a range of traditional school shoes for boys and girls at affordable prices. Grosby shoes are available at Big W, Target, David Jones, Myer and Payless Shoes. Prices and styles vary between stockists.


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