Best Rainy Day Ideas in Brisbane for Kids

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When you are looking for the best rainy day ideas in Brisbane you will be looking for a mix or weekday rainy day ideas and weekend rainy day ideas. In addition we think you probably want some ideas for staying indoors on a rainy day and ideas for braving Brisbane on a rainy day. Rainy Days can prove to be a challenge but we believe that by embracing the time rather than resisting it, you can ensure memories are made on a grand scale.

We welcome your suggestions on ideas we can add to this constant list in progress- please email [email protected] if you have any other ideas about rainy day ideas in the great city of Brisbane or anywhere.

The Best Rainy Day Ideas list in the World


1. Bug out at The Queensland Museum

It’s FREE with $16 parking underneath all day and lots of fun for kids- check out our review of the Queensland Museum so you can make the most of your visit

art gallery brisbane

2. Create with the Queensland Art Gallery

This is one of those activities out and about that you can extend with some art activities when you get home. Stop off at Flying Fox Studios for supplies. Check out the Art Gallery Website here


3. Head to a local playcentre

Awesome Brisbane playcentres include Tiddlywinks at Nundah (with daily discos) and Lollipops Strathpine. Make sure you take socks.

plaster belmont

4. Check out Plaster House at Belmont

For an awesome time out with your kids where activity and fun can be achieved from as little as $3.50! you should totally check out plaster fun house at Belmont. Check out our review of this Brisbane plaster fun house.

brisbane kids

5. Have you checked the Brisbane Kids Calendar?

Check the Brisbane events calendar to see what activities are on across Brisbane for kids.


6. Iceskating at Iceworld

Iceskating is one of those activities that is perfect for a rainy day, rug up, sip hot chocolate- all that good stuff. Iceworld is the leading iceskating venue provider in Brisbane with rinks at Acacia Ridge and Boondall.


7. Go Rollerskating

With 2 awesome rinks on both sides of town head to either Skateaway Albany Creek or Digiskate Rollerskating Rink at Hillcrest. Each offers a learn to skate program for adults and little kids


vanilla shortbread

8. Get your bake on

We have a range of delicious child friendly fun recipes on our website from smartie cookies through to Nutella Hot Chocolate.

Maritime museum 130312 060

9. Ride the waves at the Maritime Museum

ok, its fair to say there wont be many waves BUT it will be a thrill to don some raincoats and head through south bank and enjoy the interesting Maritime Museum. We have reviewed the Maritime Museum to make it easier for you to know what you can expect!

christmas lights in brisbane

10. Conduct an experiment at the Science Centre

We have never got through the entire science centre in one visit which is testament to how enjoyable it is for kids. Extremely hands on and engaging for most ages from about 3 years or so. Head to their website for information on entry costs and opening hours.

kids medieval fun day -- abbey museum

11. Step back in time at the Abbey Museum

The Abbey Museum is one of those little known treasures in Brisbane showcasing world history in a way that will intrigue and provoke curiosity. They also have a kids playgroup every week. Check out more about them here

books reading

12. Borrow some books at your local library

Does your Brisbane Kid have a library card? perhaps the its the day for them to get one!


13. Baby Chino anyone?

Head out for morning tea or lunch with your little ones at one of the child friendly places to eat in Brisbane that are listed on our website.


14. Rent or watch a funny movie

Kids movies are awesome for your spirit and theirs- so dont be afraid to take a day out from the housework- it will still be tomorrow TRUST US! If you have a tiny baby make sure you check out Event Cinemas Bring your Baby as they now have them 3 days a week.

additive free

15. Go shopping.. and make it easier with a child friendly destination

The best thing about the big shopping centres today is that lots of them are child friendly which means they often have indoor play equipment, free activities and (hopefully) undercover parking (Ikea even has child minding!).

brisbane kids

16. Build a fort

There is no better time to build an indoor fort than on a rainy day! Use your kitchen table with sheets or lounge cushions or even a cupboard with picnic blankets and torches. A great opportunity to connect with your Brisbane Kid in a fun way!


17. Enjoy the free activities at the State Library

The State Library is a mecca for kids activities (I know – who knew!!) but it is! They have even named the area and called it the Corner. Activities differ but even if nothing is organised there is a space that can be used often filled with books and games. We reviewed the corner just for you!

brisbane kids

18. Coffee at a Bunnings Playground

ok , the coffee is for you- but a number of Bunnings Warehouse stores do have AWESOME indoor FREE playgrounds and most of them a right next to a cafe.. coffee you.. play them.. and then on your way out you can buy a cheap art project for complete the afternoon! We have a list of all the Bunnings playgrounds on our website for you!

brisbane family

19. Visit Grandma, Grandpa, Friends, Aunts etc..

You get the idea.. get out AND about.. and catch up with some face to face quality chatting.. Rainy Days can be lonely for older people who might be living alone so this is a great day to go and visit them!


20. Take a drive to the Ipswich Workshop Museum

90% of this museum is undercover and its bound to impress with its focus on trains and the joy of locomotion..The Ipswich Workshops Rail Museum can be visited at certain times by Steam Train as well (you can search for that on our calendar). Check out our review of the Ipswich Rail Museum


21. Join a playgroup

Be Brave and join a playgroup! If you have been before and it didnt work out then try again! we have a list on our website of playgroups in Brisbane seeking members.


22. Build some lego at Bricks’N’Fun

Bricks’n’Fun is like a playcentre for lego.. it does have a duplo area for younger builders but would ideally suit those pre-school serious lego designers as it is a build from a box type activity

brisbane kids

23. Go bowling.. Toddler style

We love Aspley bowl for its awesome cannon ball bowling system so toddlers can fire the cannon rather than having to actually bowl. HILARIOUS!

playground picture

24. Go for a walk in a rainforest or simply in your local park

Maybe only for the brave but there is nothing like a walk in a rainforest on a rainy day. We have a list of walking tracks at Mount GloriousPerfect for this exact thing or just your local park.

brisbane kids

25. Enjoy some fun at Underwater World

Enjoy some indoor theme park fun and get it cheaper with our link to discount theme park passes.


26. Clean out, organise and cull the toy collection

TRUST US.. it seems like work but your Brisbane Kid will discover so many unused toys it will also turn into productive fun. This is a sure cure for childhood boredom.

Ice Play

27. Visit the Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art is one of those places that should be visited more. It has one of the best kids sections of any art space in Australia and you should totally check it out! Its FREE!

brisbane kids

28. Check out Reverse Garbage and make your own art installation!

Reverse Garbage is all about recycled and reclaimed. Attend their weekly kids activity class or simply purchase some reclaimed and recycled pieces and get sculpting with your Brisbane Kid. Reverse Garbage is located at Wooloongabba.

Five happy kids

29. Obstacle course fun!

Set up an indoor obstacle course with tunnels of chairs and mountains of cushions with treasures to collect along the way.

nutella hot chocolate

30. Take the kids out for a treat of hot chocolate

Rainy days are made for hot chocolate and you will know where to go with our list of awesome dessert places in Brisbane.

craft in brisbane

31. Check out some of our craft ideas

Craft is a great way to pass the time and we have some great craft ideas on our website.

brisbane kids

32. Head off for some indoor rock climbing

A great way to build gross motor skills, indoor rock climbing will be fun for Brisbane Kids who want something a bit more challenging.

Be A Fun Mum

33. Check out a host of fun at Be a Fun Mum

In our opinion, one of the most authentic bloggers in the world- you will find a range of fun activities from Be a Fun Mum- (hint- check out her milk bottle tops activities)


34. Make your own crayons

Use your old crayons to make brand new super cool crayons! We have a tutorial to help you.

first aid for you

35. Have fun at the Ipswich Art Gallery

With its purpose built children’s gallery, the Ipswich Art Gallery not only encourages children- it welcomes them! Check out their website for the latest exhibitions and activities.

social skils

36. Teach your child to play snap.. or chess… or connect 4.. etc

For every age group there is a game waiting to be found.. they teach patience, game play as well as lots of other basic skills- and they are a lot of fun!

brisbane kids

37. Go OP shopping

life is expensive but Op shops arent! give your Brisbane Kid a budget and let them come home with some treasures.. maybe a new tea set? or some books to read

Steam Train Sunday 2013 b

38. Go on a train ride

The thrill of a train ride is only made better by the fun of the rain.. ok.. you would need to be adventurous.. but still TOTAL fun!

Happy mother and her children lying on a bed

39. Visit the Planetarium

The Sir Thomas Planetarium is totally cool for space lovers with awesome movies all about space- sure to be a hit- finish it off with a coffee at the Botanical next door.

40. Go and buy a packet of balloon and check out our ideas with balloons

41. Have an indoor tea party/picnic

42. Build a rainy day box.. full of craft.. and fun.. and bits and pieces..

43. Have a fashion show.. include the teddies!

44. Make some finger paints and get painting

45. Make your own playdough! cooking playdough and no cook playdough

46. Bubble paint.. combine straws, food colouring and dishwashing detergent! Fun for older toddlers

47. Bowl indoors at home using old cans/bottles and a ball

48. Have a bubble bath and fun with water!

49. Get out pens and paper and draw- make Christmas cards and birthday cards now- in advance

50. Take a nap?? SURE

51. Make necklaces from pasta, food colouring and string

52. Play Hide and Seek

53. Use old cardboard boxes to make cities and car garages

54. Use masking tape on carpet to make roads for match box cars

55. Make a Terrarium

56. Host a puppet show

57. Play simon says

58. Have fun on the computer together

59. Make musical instruments from household bits and pieces

60. Make potato prints!

61. Make sail boats and sail them in the gutter

62. Make paper planes

63. Play what’s the time Mr Wolf!

64. Block building

65. Soft toy hunts.. hide the toys around the house, close the curtains and let your children search by torch light

66. cutting and pasting from magazines

67. If its just drizzly- make a mud pie kitchen!

68. Do puzzles!

69. play music and dance!

70. Read books

71. Make a book!

72. Make a bingo board and play it- with colours, numbers or letters!

73. Go outside and watch the rain and talk about it.. take some tins and catch the rain and listen to the different sounds

74. Paint!

75. Get stuck into the colouring books

76. Have a scavenger hunt

77. Make your own pizzas

78. Get out the camera and take funny pictures

79. play shop!

80. Set up a doctors surgery with the first aid box (or a vets)

81. Make some finger puppets or sock puppets

82. Make some masks from paper plates or cardboard

83. Paint some rocks

84. Make some monster men from toilet rolls

85. Make gingerbread people and decorate them

86. Get out some wood, some nails and a hammer and teach your child to hammer!

87. blow eggs for easter or make a fruit cake for Christmas

88. Make some phonecalls with your Brisbane Kids

89. Show them their baby books- fill them in!

90. play indoor hopscotch

91. play hairdresser

92. Check out Pinterest for rainy day ideas

93. Do some yoga with your Brisbane Kid

94. play restaurant

95. get into some paper mache

96. Host a teddy bear picnic or birthday party for a teddy

97. Make a time capsule

98. play musical statues

99. Write a letter to the Queen or the Priminister or anyone!

100. Let them just play whatever they want to!

101. Dye some rice and then play with it

102. Do collage!

PHEW- what a huge list of rainy day idea- we hope you like them.. The biggest thing is just to enjoy your Brisbane Kids because they wont be this young forever. For more ideas head to our calendar of Brisbane for Kids




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