Bellingham Maze and Mini Golf Review

Bellingham Maze centre

The Sunshine Coast has lots to offer Brisbane Kids and Bellingham Maze is no exception.  Tucked into the lush rainforest quite close to the Bruce Highway between the Mooloolaba and Forest Glen exits, Bellingham Maze is a longstanding tourist attraction that is well worth the visit to stretch the legs – and the brains – of you and your Brisbane Kids of all ages. Since it first opened in 1993, Bellingham Maze has changed and grown over the years, much like the namesake hedge maze itself. Right from the magical waterfall entry, you’re transported into a world of tricks, puzzles and fun. 

Hedge maze

Bellingham Maze paths

The centrepiece of Bellingham Maze is the 80m x 80m star-shaped hedge maze.  This Lilly Pilly hedge maze is is definitely fun and challenging enough on its own, but for an added twist, Brisbane Kids can complete the Snow White and Harry Potter themed puzzles by finding the clues hidden within the maze itself.

When you reach the centre of the hedge maze, there are stairs up onto a central platform that you can climb to view the maze from this unique vantage point.  From here you might like to plan your exit or perhaps snap a selfie to celebrate your achievement. 

While there is an emergency exit half way through, Brisbane Kids recommends preparing for a lengthy stint winding through the hedges, so plan ahead with toilet stops and weather appropriate attire (hats, sunscreen or gumboots) before entering the maze. 

Mini golf

Bellingham Maze mini golf

Your entry into the maze also entitles you to a round of mini golf.  There are 18 par 2 holes here and you can approach this course with a serious competitive attitude or with a sense of playfulness.  There are several holes here where a hole in one might look straightforward but it can be deceptively challenging.  This is a great course to introduce younger kids to the concept of mini golf, while still offering enough challenges and different elements to be a fun for more experienced players. 

Other attractions

Bellingham Maze snow white

There are several other puzzles and mazes here at Bellingham Maze.  There is a fun timber maze, and again you can just try to find your way through or you can solve the puzzles as you go. 

The rope puzzle is popular too and kids can race each other (or race their parents) to see who can complete their rope path the fastest.  Younger children might get a kick out of seeing Snow White and the 7 dwarves cottage.  There is also a traditional labyrinth here and a tyre puzzle that both could have you walking around in circles!

Bellingham Maze puzzles

The Bellingham Maze has a simple cafe serving hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and ice creams, and there is also a gift shop that stocks a range of puzzles and games to keep kids’ brains active long after you leave the maze itself. 

It would be easy to spend half a day here, exploring the mazes, solving puzzles and relaxing in the tropical rainforest environment and is a great Sunny Coast destination as part of a day trip or a fun outing to add to your next Sunshine Coast holiday.   

Bellingham Maze is located at 274 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha, 4556

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