Balancing Study and Motherhood: The Ultimate Endeavour

When you’ve got a six week old bundle of joy to look after, finding the time to study is a whole new ball game – and one that Endeavour College of Natural Health student Lexi Crouch is taking in her stride.

The new mum has been studying online since giving birth, and plans to head back to campus in February.

“If anything, it makes you more motivated. Your whole study technique changes and it’s surprisingly a lot less stressful! You can’t leave things to the last minute. I found I was thinking about the exam two weeks before it, rather than a few days before because you know that realistically you’re not going to be able to schedule in a huge cram session.”

Lexi Crouch 3

At 38 weeks Lexi was due to sit an exam, but baby Mabel had other plans.

“She was born premature, and Endeavour were so wonderful about it.”

The education provider allowed Lexi an extension to ensure she could complete her subject requirements despite not being able to sit the exam on the original date. According to Lexi, it’s this kind of support that made the transition to motherhood so much easier.

The birth of her daughter Mabel isn’t the only driving force behind Lexi’s determination to complete her degree. The 28-year-old spent 15 years in the medical system being treated for an eating disorder.

“We tried everything. I was hospitalised for years, but it was through nutrition and a holistic approach that I eventually got better and that’s why I’m passionate about health and studying at Endeavour,” she said.

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Yoga also played an integral role in Lexi’s recovery and although she was reluctant to try it at first, it is now a massive part of her life. She currently works as a yoga therapist and through her mentoring work with Queensland Health she takes eating disorder outpatients to yoga classes.

With firsthand experience of holistic healing, Lexi has big plans ahead when it comes to putting her Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) to work.

“I’m hoping to open my own clinic with a natural health approach to eating disorders and mental health because I think it’s really overlooked at the moment. Many patients are looking for other options and personally I feel that my journey can contribute,” she said.

Lexi Crouch 2

In the meantime, Lexi is happy to have found a balance between motherhood and study and couldn’t be more grateful for the flexibility Endeavour offers.

“It is a journey, but it’s definitely possible. You can study online or defer and Endeavour even allows you to drop down your subjects to fit around your commitments,” she said.

“My advice to new mums is to stay connected with other mothers (which Lexi does through the Facebook group Mums on a Mission at Endeavour College), because it’s nice being reminded you’re not alone.”

As for her attitude to study? “Once you get through childbirth, you realise you can do anything!”

Endeavour College of Natural Health would like to thank Lexi Crouch for her guest contribution. To find out how Endeavour can assist you in getting the knowledge to heal, please click here.

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