Babymoon Ideas

Trends and pregnancy go together like Kim Kardashian and selfies. There seems to be a new one every minute.

One of the biggest trends to take off for expectant couples in recent times is the Babymoon.

That one last holiday with just you and your partner before your lives change forever.

There seems to be many reasons for this growing trend. Couples say they want to enjoy quality time together prior to the arrival of their newborn. They are after an escape from the need for “nesting” and getting the house and nursery ready. They want to indulge in themselves in a way they know they may have to wait many many years to do again.

Mt Tamborine

Where to go on a Babymoon

Most couples tend to opt for babymoon locations that are not too far to travel and are relaxing in nature.

Babymoon destinations:

  • Beach or Island Getaway – a great idea for the summer months. Just make sure you have plans for keeping yourself cool in the summer sun.
  • Hinterland Escape – snuggling in front a fire at a hidden retreat is a great way to spend some quality one on one time with your partner.
  • Camping – if you are not an experienced camper this may not be the best time to start, but for those mums to be who love being close to nature this could be just the right adventure for you and your partner – check the weather forecast to ensure there is no rain on the horizon first.
  • City Escape – booking into a luxury hotel in the city gives great access to indulging in all the city heart has to offer with regards to restaurants, live shows, galleries, botanic gardens and more.

A babymoon in Brisbane:

There are lots of options for couples who want to have a special babymoon experience with each other prior to the birth of their child, but don’t want to go away.

  • Day Spa – enjoy some pampering together and massage those swollen feet!
  • Day Trips – explore some of the great drives that can be completed in a day and experience some of the wonders of the smaller towns on the outskirts of Brisbane. (Note: Add in time for toilet stops along the way!)
  • Movie Marathon – dedicate a day for you and your partner to enjoy some movies uninterrupted! Make a themed day such as “The Classics we have never seen” or “All our date movies”. Snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and relax.
  • Gold Class or Boutique Movies – enjoy the comfort of the reclined cinema seat to take the weight off your feet and partake in some quality movie and food indulgence.
  • Fine Dining – dress up and enjoy a guilt free night out at your favourite restaurant.

Moreton Island family holiday

Do I need to have a babymoon?

For those of you that may have missed the memo about the Babymoon prior to having your first child do not fret. Couples are now also indulging in a Second-Chance-Babymoon prior to the arrival of bub number two, three or more.

The most important thing to remember about the Babymoon no matter when or where you have one is that this is about you and your partner so make sure you choose something that will be special and meaningful for the two of you.

Take a look at out Holiday Ideas for lots of babymoon destination inspiration, including camping locations and more.

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