Autumn Leaves in Brisbane

child feet in autumn leaves

There’s a chill in the air first thing in the morning, and the sun is setting a little earlier in the evening. It may be subtle, but the signs of autumn’s arrival in Brisbane are here. Now is the perfect time to welcome in the new season by collecting golden Autumn leaves with your Brisbane Kids. They’re fun to crunch in, throw around like confetti or keep for Autumnal craft activities. Here’s our pick of the best places in Brisbane to find Autumn leaves, and links to easy and fun craft activities you can enjoy with your children.

Start in your backyard

Tree in backyard

You may have walked past a shrub or tree in your garden many times, without noticing that its leaves have changed colour. With the help of your children, inspect your garden for any signs of the changing season, and begin collecting leaves in a bucket. Your neighbours may also have some beautiful plants and trees that are beginning to colour and lose their leaves. Ask them if you can collect their fallen leaves also.

Visit your local park

Jubilee Park

For more leaves and more variety in colour, visit your local park for a fun-filled morning or afternoon of natural treasure hunting. Look for leaves in all colours, as well as gum nuts, pine cones and seed pods. Try to make a rainbow of colours from your leaves, and challenge your Brisbane Kids to find the most unusually shaped leaf in the park. One of our absolute favourite autumn leaf locations, are the beautiful Liquid Amber trees on the corner of Becketts Road and Albany Creek Rd at Bridgeman Downs. To find a park near you, take a look at the Brisbane Kids Map of Playgrounds.

Visit your local reserve, wetland, parkland or forest

john reserve

Brisbane City Council has more than 8000 hectares of protected land with walking tracks, bikeways and picnic areas. Why not pack a picnic and make a day of it? Ask your children to find as many autumn leaves as they can, but ensure they only collect leaves that have already fallen from the trees. They may also find flowers and blossoms in Autumn colours, even if they are not from deciduous plants. Brisbane Kids has reviewed all of the best parks and reserves in Brisbane, with many more being constantly added. Our Explore Brisbane series features wonderful destinations in Brisbane and beyond to explore in Autumn, whilst our Picnic Spots might just be the place to find some gorgeous Autumn colour.

Formal parks and gardens

mount cootha

Formal gardens and long-established parklands typically feature international plants and are more likely to have an impressive display of Autumn colour. Some good places to start include: New Farm Park, the City Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens and Roma Street Parkland. Roma Street Parkland and the botanic gardens also offer guided walking tours, so you and your kids can learn more about the plants that you’re observing. At the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, follow the Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail to find more than just pretty leaves!

Now get crafty!

Craft with Autumn Leaves

Ok, so you’re bucket is now overflowing with natural treasures you’ve collected, and you’re ready to turn them into a keepsake. Here are some simple craft ideas to welcome in the new season:


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