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Although it’s true that every parent knows what’s best for their child, even the most self-assured caregivers need a helping hand from time to time. For when you can’t get a moment to yourself to have a conversation or read a book, the parenting-related answers you’re looking for might, in fact, be tucked away in a podcast. Maybe one that’s even on this list? Read on to see what Australian parenting podcasts have to offer for mums, dads and all the other caregivers out there!

Parental as Anything 96

Maggie Dent, one of Australia’s most loved parenting authors, sits down with fellow parenting experts every Tuesday to discuss trending topics in the world of child-raising. Whether you’ve got a five year old starting school or a wonderful teen entering their rebellious phase, Parental as Anything is assured to have tips and solutions for you. So tune in and learn how to tackle different parenting-related issues in practical ways that appeal to both mums and dads!

Episode examples: Tips for starting school Teaching your kids body positivity Roosters or lambs — understanding your children’s personality

Sh*tting With The Door Open

Sh*tting With The Door Open is hosted by Australian comedians, Wade Duffin and Harley Breen, who describe themselves as “two parents who happen to be dads.” The show succeeds in injecting a sort of poignancy in the humorous conversations the hosts have with their interviewees, who are usually fellow exhausted fathers. Touching on every topic from screen time and new babies to issues related to life and death, their witty banter and authentic stories with occasional nuggets of wisdom make for easy listening during your commute or in between daily chores. The podcast is the perfect lighthearted take on parenthood that all dads need from time to time!

Episode examples: The Last One! The Ultimate Peen Barking Mad! Babytalk

Are you a mum-to-be looking for all the reliable information you can get? Babytalk, hosted by Penny Johnston, dives into topics you might not have yet thought about when it comes to parenting wee little ones! From the benefits of music for babies and baby gut health to discussions around creating a birth plan that’s the best fit for you, this podcast covers it all. What’s more, the episodes are only 20-30 minutes each – meaning they’re perfect if you don’t have loads of time on your hands.

Episode examples: Babytalk: Children’s Sleep Problems Babytalk: Weight Stigma & Pregnancy Babytalk: Relationships & Arguments

Happy Families

Hosted by Dr. Justin Coulson, Happy Families is the podcast to listen to if you’re looking for ways to make your family happier! Aimed at parents with school-age kids and older, the podcast offers parents expert advice, bite-sized take-aways, and practical strategies. The episodes are no longer than twenty minutes) making them easy to fit in while waiting for school pick up.

Recent episodes: #205 Have You Done Your Homework? #204 Teaching Kids Kindness #203 I’ll Do Better Tomorrow

Birth, Baby & Beyond

Birth, Baby & Beyond is the podcast to catch if you’re an expectant parent looking for information from an experienced source. Who better to rely on than Cath Curtin, a midwife with over four decades of experience? Hear from Cath and a multitude of specialists like paediatricians, obstetricians, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and even fellow parents going through the journey themselves! Birth, Baby & Beyond is the companion you’ll want through labour, birth, breastfeeding and even parenting, because while it’s gentle in its approach, it still manages to keep it real.

Episode examples: Q&A with Cath – Pain Management and labour Q&A with Cath – Contractions in labour and Braxton Hicks Q&A with Cath – Waters Breaking

DadPod with Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg

If you’re a soon-to-be dad looking for other dad’s to learn from, look no further. Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg of DadPod will teach you all you need to know by taking you through their stash of documented new-dad adventures! Learn through first-hand accounts what it feels like to be rushing to the hospital when bub is on the way, how to support your partner through the breastfeeding stage and the steps to creating the perfect nursery for your tiny new family member. Approachable and honest, this podcast is assured to have dads hooked and feeling prepared in no time.

Episode examples: The Go Bag The Third Trimester Time Off and Money Planning

Spot Family Podcast

Spot Family Podcast is the right listen for you if you’re someone who likes getting to the science behind parenting advice! Whether you have a family of your own, are a teacher, a health professional or are simply interested in child development, this podcast will pique your curiosity with its facts and expertise based delivery! Learn the why’s behind phonics and thumbsucking and the how’s of homeschooling and fixing a lisp, through intriguing conversations between the host, Heidi Begg, and other experts from a wide array of domains.

Episodes examples: Why Phonics are Important: with Alison Perry 20 May 2020· Spot Family Podcast Treatment Options for Tongue Tie: with Dr Marjan Jones Tongue Tie Unpacked: The controversy, the definition, the impact it can have on speech, swallowing, teeth, & muscles; with Dr Marjan Jones

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