Australian-Themed Christmas Books for Kids

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There are plenty of gorgeous Australian-themed Christmas books for kids. Substituting snowmen for icecreams, some of the best Christmas books about Australia are centred around well-loved Australian characters capturing an Aussie version of Christmas Day.

Whether you are searching for keepsake Christmas presents or Christmas Eve storytelling we hope one of these books is exactly what you are looking for. 

Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle

Author: Glenda Millard

Christmas Books for kids

This book is simply beautiful and with it based against a rural Australian setting of drought and bushfire, it could not be more relevant to our country than now.  The book is centred around a little pig called Applesauce and is a beautiful Australian interpretation of the nativity story written with charm and superb prose.

The Shepherds are a neighbouring family; the three wise men are replaced by three elderly aunties who bring plum pudding, shortbread and a crate of fruit; and the heralding angels are exchanged for a flock of cockatoos.  With a bushfire-ravaged land surrounding him, Applesauce, a pet pig, tries to find the true meaning of Christmas.  As his owners welcome a new baby to their family he learns that new life, hope and joy can come at the saddest of times.

Christmas Wombat

Author: Jackie French

Christmas books for kids

For any child who is already familiar with the lovable wombat, Mothball, (and for those who aren’t), this book is a wonderful tale of this much-loved Aussie animal who finds himself unwittingly aboard Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Instead of a nap, Mothball finds herself travelling the world on Christmas Eve, battling reindeers, pigeons, toucans and polar bears for carrots but arrives home feeling completely satisfied and looking forward to the reindeer’s next visit.

The Australian Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: Heath McKenzie

Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s December in Australia and the days are getting warmer. When a young woman receives a kookaburra up a gum tree from her true love, it’s a sign that Christmas is on the way. This very funny rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas will be loved by kids purely for its escalating silliness – from flies hanging around mince pies and emus playing football – the end result is a lot of hilarity and chaos that have a decidedly Aussie twist!

Santa’s Aussie Holiday

Author/Illustrator: Maria Farrer

Santas Aussie Holiday Childrens book

Santa has been very busy and after a night travelling the world, he decides he needs a well-earned break and heads to Australia for a holiday. Kids will love recognising the different landmarks of the country that he visits along the way – as well as some of the iconic Aussie activities he partakes in too. 

A Bush Christmas

Author: C J Dennis 

A bush christmas childrens book

Written in 1931 by C.J. Dennis and whimsically illustrated by Dee Huxley, A Bush Christmas humorously attempts to tell the story of an Australian Christmas, with mothers unable to stray from a cooked lunch despite the dry, sweltering heat and children listening to stories of white, snowy Christmases.

An Aussie Night Before Christmas

Author: Yvonne Morrison

Australian-themed christmas story

Christmas in the middle of an Australian summer means Santa has to find new ways to deliver his presents. The obvious solutions are to don a sunhat, shorts and a pair of thongs, not to mention ditching the sleigh and reindeer in favour of some roos and a ute. The gentle illustrations are packed with familiar icons cleverly woven into the visual narrative to recreate the warm, comforting, family atmosphere that Christmas is all about. 

Santa is Coming to Brisbane

Author: Emma Nash

Australian Christmas Books for kids

If you are going to read Australian-themed Christmas books then you really can’t go past one that features the jolly man and our very own beautiful city of Brisbane, can you?  In these well-known books, kids can see how Santa dashes from Darwin to Tasmania to Brisbane – visiting all the places in between, while they are safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep!  With illustrations detailing landmarks and places that are quintessentially Australian, children will love seeing Santa leave the North Pole to come to their very own city.

Blossom Possum and the Christmas Quacker

Author: Gina Newton

Australian Christmas Books for Kids

It was Christmas Eve down under and Koala Claws’ last stop for the night. ‘I’m sooo hot and tired,’ he thought. ‘A quick nap will see me right.’ Blossom Possum and her friends try everything they can to wake Koala Claws, but he is fast asleep. Can they save Bush Christmas? Beautifully illustrated by Christina Booth, bringing to life the characters originally drawn by the late Kilmeny Niland.

Santa’s Secret

Author: Mike Dumbleton

Australian Christmas Story

What does Santa get up to after all the presents have been delivered? An adorable Christmas picture book with a cheeky Australian twist. The Christmas presents have all been delivered, but Santa is back on his sleigh. What is he up to? Where is he going? Quick …hop on board. Let’s find out.

A Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Christmas

Author: Mark McLeod

Australian Christmas books

Not many characters are more loved Australia-wide than the adorable Snugglepot and Cuddlepie gumnut babies.  Written by Mark McLeod, A Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Christmas revisits these favourites as they prepare for Christmas Day.  ‘One more day.’ Snugglepot put a mark on the calendar. ‘I wish Christmas would hurry up and come.’ Christmas is coming, and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are getting everything ready. But the list of things to do is long and Cuddlepie might be too busy to remember Snugglepot’s present! Join May Gibbs’ best-loved characters in an endearing Australian Christmas adventure.

We love the idea of gifting kids with a book for Christmas Eve or just on Christmas day. A book that they can potentially hold onto for their lifetime as a memory. You might also enjoy our article on 50 books to read to kids before they are 12




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