Aura Treehouse Playground

Aura treehouse overview

Aura is a new community estate close to the highway at the Southern end of the Sunshine Coast.  The Aura Treehouse playground makes a great place to stop on the way back home and is a hit with Brisbane Kids of all ages!

Aura Treehouse Playground

The Aura Treehouse playground is a riot of colour and whimsical design and is a certainty to entice kids of all ages to engage in play! The main Treehouse multi level play structure has to main structures joined by a rope bridge that is high above the soft fall surface below. 

There are multiple slides and different ways to access the structure including via a rope bridge at the top of an adjoining slope, or via a more challenging ladder climb within the structure itself. 

It features 3 different tunnel slides as part of the treehouse at different heights and lengths, so there are options for children who prefer to play things a little safer and more thrilling super slides for braver adventurers.

Aura treehouse sky bridge

The tree top structures are decorated with brightly coloured leaves and butterflies which encourage climbers to look up and focus on what’s above them rather than the ground far below.  There are cubbies at different heights inside the trees as well.

Within this section of the playground are 3 swings – a toddler swing, a traditional plank swing and a basket swing.  There is soft fall under the swings themselves but it’s surrounded by  wood chips which is something to be mindful of.

Adjacent to this main playground is some lawn and a small nature play section.

There is also a jumping pillow here which is a popular feature for Brisbane kids of all ages! (note: this pillow is only inflated from 10am until 5pm).

This gorgeous Brisbane playground has soft fall under the slides and swings, surrounded by wood chips.  The jumping pillow is under a shade sale and surrounded by sand. 

There is timber seating surrounding the playground and near the jumping pillow, however it’s important to note that you cannot see one play area from the other. 

Aura treehouse jumping pillow

Imagination factor

This playground has something for everyone! The equipment is cleverly designed so even though it’s not the largest playground, there’s plenty to appeal to kids of all ages.  The bright tree house structures are enticing and will inspire climbing and adventure, providing opportunities for risk taking and fun. 

The jumping pillow is always popular and again suits children of all ages – you’ll see everyone from toddlers to teens bouncing away!

There is also lots of fun and functional artwork around this space – there is a bike rack topped with an inedible bright pink sky high bicycle sculpture and several murals on walls around this space, adding a sense of fun and playfulness.  The treehouse itself is also topped with an array of multicoloured translucent leaves with butterfly and bird sculptures hidden trough the leaves.

Aura treehouse swings


There are shade sales over the jumping pillow and swings however much of the play space is unshaded.  There are toilets located in the adjoining sales centre (and there’s a handy cafe in there too) which is accessible via a soft fall slope or up a set of timber stairs.

There is ample street parking in the area. This is an unfenced play area. 

Aura treehouse bridge

Aura Treehouse playground Features

  • Toilets
  • Unfenced playground
  • 3 slides
  • Sky bridge
  • Climbing nets and ladders
  • Swings
  • Jumping pillow
  • Nature play
  • Some shade
  • Seating
  • Nearby cafe
  • Green space
  • Ample street parking

How to get here

Aura Treehouse playground can be found on Lukin Tce, Bells Creek QLD 4551

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