Are you Ready for Primary School this Year?

Are you ready for primary school this year?

“Are you Ready for Primary School this Year?” is an easy to read book written for parents and educators about the journey into primary school, and building a culture of trust, collaboration and enquiry between parents and teachers.

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Prep is an exciting educational milestone for many families, but can also present its share of emotional challenges, as parents navigate their child’s path into formal schooling. Some may wonder if their child is ‘school ready’ and mature enough to cope emotionally with what primary school life has in store. Others are unsure what will be expected of them as parents during the primary school years, and are interested in hearing strategies for how they can help their children thrive at school.

Brisbane based primary school principal and leading authority in primary school readiness, Andrew Oberthur, wrote his book “Are you Ready for Primary School this Year?” as a helpful resource for both parents and educators. The book offers pertinent, useful information on ways to deliver the very best primary school experience for children as well as focusing on real-world ways to create a positive professional workplace culture of trust and collaboration between parents and teaching colleagues.

“Are you Ready for Primary School this Year?” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about what to expect from the primary school years. The book balances sensible guidelines on relationship building and primary school readiness with easy to read anecdotes and practical, illustrative examples.

About the Author

Are you ready for primary school this year?

Andrew has spent his life as an educator in Primary Schools in the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. For the past 17 years he has been the principal of two Catholic Primary Schools in Brisbane.

Key Themes

  • Bridging the gap between family life and school
  • Addressing parent preconceptions, expectations and what schools are equipped for and able to provide
  • Trust and collaboration between parents and teachers
  • Primary school readiness.

Why People Love This Book – Testimonials

Are you ready for primary school this year?

“I think the trio of key concepts – trust-collaboration-enquiry is dynamite. I found this helpful for any relationship and NEW” – Steve Biddulph (Acclaimed author of “Raising Boys” and “Raising Girls”)

“……essential and practical tools for both teachers and parents to communicate effectively.” – SD (Parent)

…a very enjoyable, well-grounded read appropriate for every member of the school community….” – LR-J (School Board Chairman)

Where can I buy “Are you Ready for Primary School this Year?”

“Are You Ready for Primary School this Year” is available to purchase online at

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