Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Kids’ Party Review

Group of kids waiting to enter red curtains at Archie Brothers Toombul

From the moment they step inside Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, kids will be in awe. The colours, the sounds, the food—it all combines to create a magical party that will not soon be forgotten!

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq at Toombul offers a fun-filled and action-packed event for both kids and adults (yes, an adults’ party would be amazing here!). With arcades, dodgems, bowling lanes and VR experiences, guests are guaranteed a fantastic time.

Kids playing Mario Kart at Archie Brothers Toombul

What happens at an Archie Brothers kids’ party?


In a feast for the eyes (and hands that are hard to keep from touching), the old-style circus theming begins in the reception area with circus caravans and carts laden with the prizes the participants can win if they conquer the mysterious activities beyond the red curtains…

After giving the guests some time to arrive and soak this all in, the ‘Ringmaster’ does a quick run-through of the ins and outs of the party. Party guests are given special lanyards holding their game cards and are shown how to use them. Then, it’s time to start the fun!

One hour of action

The one hour of gaming included in the Archie Brothers’ kids’ party packages begins when each child swipes their card for the first time. The kids then get to enjoy an action-packed hour full of arcade games, dodgems and the Thrillrider virtual reality ride. You can also add a game of bowling on to your party package to extend the fun! 

Only a handful of games are not able to be played as part of the party packages, primarily being the games that issue tickets and prizes (more about the prizes below). This is all programmed automatically, so there’s no need to be micromanaging the guests to ensure they are not doing anything they shouldn’t. The Ringmaster is also always close-by to check in on the guests and handle any issues should they arise.

Circus themed party room set up at Archie Brothers Toombul

Party room

After the one hour of games is up, each guest’s game card will stop working. This is the Ringmaster’s cue to round up the party guests and direct them all to the party room. With multiple rooms set up for parties, the gorgeous private party room includes a long table for guests all laid out with plates, cups, serviettes and decorations. The guest of honour is seated at the head of the table on their very own throne, which is a fun touch to make them feel extra special. Each party has 30 minutes’ exclusive access to the party room, where the guests can all refuel and debrief after a non-stop hour of fun.


There’s no way the kids will go hungry with the amount of food on offer! With a serve of chips for every child, many freshly-made pizzas to share, carrot sticks and jugs of soft drink, juice or water to choose from, there is plenty of food to go ‘round after building up an appetite on the arcades. You can also bring your own birthday cake on the day, which the staff are only too happy to assist with serving.


After the food is all eaten and the party room time is up, it’s time to wind up the party. To compensate for the guests not being able to win prizes on the games (can you imagine how crazy that could get with a whole hour to blitz the arcades??), each party guest is given a small quantity of ‘tickets’ on their card to choose a gift from the multitude of prizes available in the reception area on their way out. The party guest of honour is given slightly more points on the day, so they are able to choose a bigger prize (or several smaller prizes). This gift selection process in itself can be a long one (15 minutes for us, with the kids all trying to get the best value for their tickets!), so allow plenty of time after your allotted party time for this.

Bowling lanes and dodgems at Archie Brothers Toombul

What kids will love about an Archie Brothers kids’ party

Kids will love the freedom to roam from one game to the next, to the dodgems and back again, at an Archie Brothers party. And they’ll never have to worry about their credit running out! We found most of the guests stayed in pairs or small groups, swapping friends to play on the multi-player games regularly. The wide selection of activities ensures that the interests of every guest are catered to.

The food served at an Archie Brothers’ kids’ party is the ultimate kids’ party food. Again catering to different tastes, the food includes different types of pizzas, as well as healthier options such as carrot sticks, juice and water.

A toss-up for the second-best thing (after the games and activities) for kids at an Archie Brothers’ party, is definitely the prizes at the end. This was kept as a surprise at the end of the party and ended the whole event on a wonderful high note.

External photo of the party rooms at Archie Brothers Toombul

What parents will love about an Archie Brothers kids’ party

Booking an Archie Brothers’ kids’ party is a breeze right from the start. You can either send an enquiry via their website or phone them directly with your questions. Once booked, the staff will check in with you along the way, calling to finalise numbers and take note of any food requests a few days prior to your party date. It’s a smooth process with little left unaccounted for.

Once the party day arrives, parents can choose how much extra they’d like to contribute. For example, you may want to bring a birthday cake or additional decorations for the party room, or party bags for the guests. This is entirely up to you, as the venue is happy to accommodate, however, the party itself will be more than enough to please your guests.

Parents will find that the contained arcade area has been well-designed for keeping an eye on all party guests, as has the private party room. There’s also only one (relatively small) entrance/exit between the main area and the reception, which means kids can’t ‘escape’ from the venue without being noticed. These setups mean that parents don’t have to work too hard to keep up with everyone (depending on the ages of your guests, you may even be able to sit back and relax!). The Ringmaster does a lot of the work and is constantly on hand to help the kids and check that they are ok. 

The kids are fed without parents needing to lift a finger and food intolerances can also be catered to. Again, the Ringmaster looks after the entire party group, with food and drink being provided without prompting.

There’s really very little for you to have to do on the day, short of taking lots of photos and having some fun yourself!

Carpark entrance to UPSTAIRS at Toombul

Parking for Archie Brothers Toombul

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is located within Toombul Shopping Centre, 1015 Sandgate Road, Nundah. As with all shopping centres, it pays to research the best parking for your end destination. 

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq can be found in the newly-renovated ‘UPSTAIRS at Toombul’ precinct.

We discovered that the best parking for Archie Brothers Toombul was accessed via the carpark entrance on Kreutzer Street at the rear of the shopping centre. Enter this driveway into the open-top carpark and head towards the left, where you will see an entrance to some undercover parking. There are about 50 carparking spaces in this undercover area, with access to UPSTAIRS being on the same level (perfect for transporting the cake or presents to and from the car!). Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq will be the first place you see in this area, right next to the water-spouts coming out of the ground.

To find out more about Archie Brothers kids’ parties and other functions (they even do cocktails – perfect for a grown-up party!), head to the Archie Brothers website.

Brisbane Kids was invited to Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Toombul for the purpose of reviewing their kids’ party packages. Costs were covered. Many thanks to Archie Brothers for an amazing event! 

All of the opinions stated in this article are true, honest and genuine, with the sole aim of providing enough information for families to make an informed decision about booking a kids’ party at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq at Toombul in Brisbane.

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