April in Wonderland At Loganholme Easter 2016


Show me a child who doesn’t know (and love) the story of the ever-enchanting and mystical Alice in Wonderland and I’ll tell you they must be as mad as…well, as mad as a hatter actually!  For who couldn’t be enamoured of a tale that sees a little girl go on an amazing adventure filled with peculiar, quirky and eccentric characters in a land of magic and wonder?  And what child hasn’t, upon finishing such a story, let their imagine run wild as they longed for just a second to fall themselves into, and experience all that resides within, Alice’s Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland….in Brisbane!


If this has been your child (or you) then these Easter school holidays will see you in for a massive treat – and I am not talking of simply the chocolate egg variety either.  This year visitors to the Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre will have the ability to immerse themselves temporarily into April in Wonderland, an activation inspired by the classic tale and created to resemble the maze from the Queen of Heart’s royal garden.  My family and I were able to jump in and explore this before it opened and, if you love the story as much as we do, I can guarantee it is worth a visit.  Complete with high hedges, stacked teapots, magical mirrors, unfolding maze sections, over-sized chess pieces and even a queens courtyard it is easy for a child to get lost in not only the maze but their imagination and excitement as well.  But it’s the addition of some of the actual characters from the tale, who roam, chatter and interact with visitors and each other that complete the effect of bringing the feeling of Wonderland to life.




The activation is not only a maze of exploration though, the centre has also organised craft activities that will change each week for four weeks.  Set up in the queen’s courtyard within the maze, children will have the opportunity to decorate their own chocolate eggs, make a clock, decorate a tea party memento or even create their own babushka doll!

The Verdict


All three of my children (aged 18 months, 4 and 6 years old) delighted in their visit to April in Wonderland.  Their faces were filled with wonder and awe from the moment they first stepped into the maze and, after an initially tentative exploration, were soon darting enthusiastically around each corner desperate to discover all that was on offer around them.  The magic mirrors were a huge hit and there were literally shrieks of exhilaration as they caught their first glimpses of Alice, The Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit disappearing around or peeking over the large hedges.  Not surprisingly, before long the characters had a steady trail of tiny admirers whispering in delight behind them wherever they went.

A small, hedge-rimmed area with low beanbag chairs, fairy-lit trees and stools piled with books was surprisingly only briefly inhabited by my bookworm children as the pull of so much else to see was just too strong.  Finally, the activity this week is the chocolate egg decorating and, as expected, my children spent plenty of time crafting (and eating) their way through this section.  Quirky chefs were on hand, once more in character, to help them where needed too.




Overall, I think this is a wonderful attraction for children.  The maze is not big but it is definitely big enough, with the hedges the perfect height to dwarf little people but allow watchful parents to glance over and try to seek their possibly wandering charges.  All the small details that have gone into this custom build are really appreciated too.  From the teetering stack of giant teacups to the many glittering trees rimmed by toadstools and littered with mad hatter hats.  The fact that this is a FREE activity and set up within a shopping centre mall should not make you think it is not worth a visit even if you are not already in the area.

The Facts


Located inside the Logan Hyperdome, outside the Myer entrance, the “April in Wonderland” royal garden is FREE to enter.  It will be open daily from 9:00am – 5:30pm and will run from Sunday, March 20 to Friday, April 15.  The four main craft activities will each run daily from 11:00am – 2:00pm and you can see which ones are on when below:


Chocolate egg decoration                                 20 March – 27 March


Clock Making                                                     28 March – 3 April


Create your own tea party memento              4 April – 10 April


Create your own babushka doll                      11 April – 15 April

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