Apex Park in Ormiston

Apex Park

Apex Park in Ormiston is the ultimate destination for families with kids of all ages. Not only does it offer an abundance of different play spaces to explore, but it is also generously shaded by both giant sails and the thick tree-filled surrounds in which it resides.

Apex Park

Apex Park playground

In 2021, Apex Park received a generous upgrade, with new features including a renewed multi-sport half court (with soccer goal, basketball and netball hoops), additional picnic facilities and a pump track for BMX, scooter and skateboard users installed.  

Spread out beneath a blanket of trees, the park is separated into two main sections.  The first area, to the left, houses the new pump track, the multi-sport half court and a shelter with informal seating to watch those performing.

On the right, kids will find the main playground area.  Shaded by large shade sails, this area is home to an abundance of brilliant play spaces.  There is a large crows nest complete with slide, rope and bridge courses, a nature play space and even a super sweet gumnut house and imaginative play space for the youngest visitors.

You will also find a flying fox, multiple swing sets and a range of seating (both covered and uncovered) and barbeque spaces.

Apex Park

Nature Play

Although it is literally ringed with trees, Apex Park also has a fantastic nature-play playground area for kids.  With long intersecting wood logs to climb on and walk along as well as large balls sunk within the soft, sandy floor, children will love digging and clambering over the different aspects of this natural play environment.

Apex Park

Imagination Factor

There is just so much at Apex Park that will inspire a child’s imagination.  The small, gumnut house area off to one side is perfect for little ones who want to pretend they live in a magical forest land of fairies and woodland creatures.  With giant lady bugs and dragonfly slides complete with a wooden log seat and letterbox, this area is no doubt one that all little ones (and big kids too) will be drawn to.

Apex Park


New public amenities, with two fully-accessible disability-friendly unisex toilets, have been completed and are now in a more central location, which means they offer better access and visibility for all park visitors.

Apex Park

Apex Park features

  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Bike, skate and skooter pump track
  • Multi-sport half course (with soccer goal, netball and basketball rings)
  • Dragonfly slide
  • Crows Nest
  • Soft fall, sand base
  • Shaded by shade sails
  • Nature play area
  • Imaginative play gumnut house area
  • Multiple swing types
  • Flying fox
  • Spinners
  • Sandpit 
  • Rope bridges and climbing course
  • BBQs
  • Toilets
  • Picnic shelters with tables
  • Benches
  • Grassy areas and shade trees

How to get to here

Apex Park is located at 8-12 Starkey St, Wellington Point QLD 4160. 

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