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Antenatal Classes are just part of the ride that you can expect when you fall pregnant. Its a signal of the impending arrival that will soon change your life.

The line is there, the test says positive and your world is about to change so dramatically you’re left a little breathless. As the excitement and elation build though, so too does the realisation that you – yes you, will be responsible for this little treasure. One hundred percent. And it’s about then that for many the natural feelings of self-doubt and fear start to creep in. This can often replace some of that elation with the knowledge that although a pretty intelligent person otherwise you really are completely clueless when it comes to giving birth to and then looking after a newborn baby.

And the truth of it is most new mums and dads are fairly overwhelmed and that is OK. That realisation can be daunting and for many of us it triggers a half-crazed shopping spree to the nearest bookstore where we leave with arms laden with every book on birthing and babies we can find. Next we load up on teeny, tiny onesies (which fuels our fear even more – will it really be that small??), wraps, a white noise CD and, oh a couple of thousand nappies or so. It’s only during the car ride home that you realise you’re not really sure what to do with them!

Although it is completely normal to feel this way, and even though I guarantee your natural instincts as a mother or father WILL kick in when you have that little pink or blue bundle in your hands, it’s always better to be as prepared as possible before that day arrives. And that is why I would highly recommend putting the books (which are fantastic) and nappies aside for a few hours and looking into the antenatal classes being offered nearby or at your hospital of choice.

What are antenatal classes?

Antenatal also known as birthing classes come in various forms but all have the same aim – to prepare you for the labour, birth and early parenthood stages. Trained professionals and midwives, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, usually run them and they are designed to offer you support and information to help banish your doubts and answer your questions. Usually in a group format, it is also a great way to meet other expecting parents, with many continuing the support network by meeting up as a mother’s group with age-similar kids post-birth.

How much are antenatal classes and how long do they go for?

This can vary depending on which hospital or private classes you opt to take. They are usually in the form of one, two or three day classes and whilst some are free most range from about $150 – $250.

Where can you find a birthing class near you?

All maternity hospitals offer antenatal classes for parents but make sure you book in early as they fill up fast! Some also offer more specific workshops – for those wanting a particular birthing experience. If you are after a calm birth / hynobirthing experience, are having multiples or know you will be getting a caesarean for example then you can book in to one that focuses on this. A quick Google search or call to the local hospital will give you the options near you.

Who are they for?

Most classes are designed for the mother and father (or birthing partner) in particular, however, nowadays there are classes and styles to cater for everyone. The Mater Hospital has classes just for grandparents whilst Beer and Bubs offer classes in Brisbane just for the dad’s in the more relaxed environment of the local pub! While some hospitals only offer them for first-time parents there are plenty of refresher options available for those going back for more.


What other pre-natal classes can you take? • Active Birth – staying active during labour to achieve a natural birth • Hypno-birthing – using techniques of self-hypnosis for relaxation during labour and birth • Aqua-natal classes – aqua exercise classes designed for pregnancy • Antenatal Yoga and Pilates – designed exercises for pregnant women • Preparation for Breastfeeding – visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s classes for breastfeeding preparation classes Whichever option suits you best, it really is important to book in as early as possible. These classes are very popular for a reason and although you can now order video packages online to view at home it really is nicer to speak to other people face to face. Whatever way you do it, it will definitely help get you more prepared – and even more excited – about your new baby’s arrival.


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