Rotary Park at Redcliffe With A Seaside Playground

A play at a ship themed playground next the seaside at Redcliffe could only be made better by a spot of fishing.

Rotary Park – The Fun

Rotary Park otherwise known as Amity Playground at Redcliffe was upgraded a couple of years ago, which helped it meet our WOW playground standard.

The partially fenced playground includes swings, slides, a sandpit, a play ship, flying foxes, barbecues, seating and some great shady spots.

It’s adjacent to the beach, which makes this the perfect destination for a picnic or afternoon of fish and chips and some playground fun. Perhaps tie this in with a spot of fishing and you have the perfect day out.

Imagination Factor

The seaside location and ocean theme of this playground promotes some pretty cool play ideas. Your little captain can take the lead whilst cruising the seas in search of pirates and the rest of the crew can keep an eye out from the many vantage points within the fort structures.

Special Needs

Rotary Park has no fences separating it from the beach.  It has BBQ s and shade to protect the skin of our Brisbane Kids.

Rotary Park – The Facts

  • Partially fenced playground with equipment suited to younger Brisbane Kids
  • Forts
  • Sandpit
  • Swings
  • Flying fox
  • Slides
  • BBQs
  • Toilets
  • Water
  • Shade trees
  • Beach adjacent
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Street parking
  • Sand based playground

Another fantastic and even bigger Brisbane Playground nearby is Lower Moora Park.

Amity Playground is located 150 metres from the Redcliffe Jetty on Prince Edward Parade in Redcliffe.

Center map

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3 responses to “Rotary Park at Redcliffe With A Seaside Playground”

  1. Naomi says:

    We went to this park on Sunday as part of the Recliffe Seaside Village Grand Opening. I have to say, i was very disappointed. While it’s lovely that this area has been re-generated, this park falls short in a few major areas. Firstly, how a brand new park can be built next to a beach and a main road and not be fenced completely baffles me. Secondly one of the biggest slides (a tunnel slide) is set at such a shallow angle that the children literally stop half-way down and have to crawl out, what a disappointment! Again, it is wonderful that this area has had a face-lift, but this park could have been excellent with just a little bit more attention to detail.

  2. Christine Lee says:

    I would not take my kids to an unfenced park close to a beach so although I haven’t been here I would love to go – Please put up a fence

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