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Niki Angelopoulos Alkaline Superfoods

Nutrition is not meant to be difficult, but has become this way due to a rise in processed, packaged chemically laden foods that require a degree to understand what the ingredients are, not to mention how toxic and harmful they can be to yours and your child’s health. As a Naturopath and mother, my daily goal is to educate my patients, friends and family on making better choices and gain a life full of energy, vitality and drive.

My love of food started from a young age watching my beautiful mum create healthy home grown meals which she prepared with love for our family. We had a garden full of greens, tomato vines, fruit trees, pomegranates, figs, grape vines, edible herbs and flowers and many varieties of vegetables.

My wish is for all children to experience growing their own food, picking it, preparing it and understanding its’ benefits. If children are in touch with food, they are much more likely to want to eat more fruits and vegetables and make informed choices. It’s so important to get your kids involved when preparing dinner and trying new foods in different ways, to broaden their delicate palates. You will be pleasantly surprised what flavours they will enjoy!

Everyone seems to be an expert, when it comes to teaching, and guiding us on how to raise vibrant, vital and healthy children. Not only can it be confusing, but quite often it can be overwhelming with the abundant information offered from family, friends, professionals, bloggers, facebook, google and other social media. It’s no wonder parents are confused about what the ‘right’ foods to feed their little ones are.

We have moved away from the out dated traditional food pyramid taught in schools many years ago and are moving toward a more sustainable, plant based nutritious diet and lifestyle. There is an awareness and movement happening through health conscious people striving to bring food back to basics in the name of health.

Although cooking has become fashionable, seasonal and popular with all the current television programmes, sadly this type of media promotes food and products that are more about ratings, rather than health. Team this with shows that focus on counting calories rather than focusing on vitamins and minerals and the result is an increase in childhood obesity, an alarming level of allergies that ceased to exist even 10 years ago, an increase in asthma, eczema and sensitivities and constant childhood colds, flu and diseases.

Nutrition plays a critical role not only in the health of your child, but also their ability to avoid anxiety, depression, mood swings, fatigue, mental illness and simple things such as constipation, dehydration, indigestion, nutritional deficiencies, headaches and general aches and pains, also known as growing pains.

I am pleased to be contributing regularly to Brisbane Kids, and will offer you healthy, allergy friendly fun foods to entice your little ones to love food and meal times, whilst gaining knowledge in a world full of fast food! The recipes will be Alkaline with varying combinations of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, fructose free, dairy free and nut free to appeal to everyone. To celebrate my first column I thought it was fitting to share with you my Cacao, raspberry and coconut mini cupcakes, which are my favourite! I created this recipe for a children’s birthday party and they were a hit. I hope you enjoy my column.

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