Alexander Park in Moorooka | Playground and Playing Fields

The playground at Alexander Park is minimal; however, when coupled with the adjacent playing fields, the park is perfect for family outings to soak up the sunshine.

Alexander Park – The Fun

Alexander Park on Brisbane’s Southside has a lovely little unfenced playground suited to younger and primary school aged Brisbane Kids. With swings for infants as well as bigger kids, slides, rockers and a climbing web, there is enough to keep children occupied whilst bigger Brisbane Kids play on the adjacent sports fields. The open grassy space makes it a good park for running and ball games.

Imagination Factor

The spider’s web climbing net at Alexander Park conjures up imaginary games of escaping giant insects and climbing into the skies. The playing fields are perfect for watching the clouds sweep by and even for a bit of kite flying.

Special Needs

Unfortunately, Alexander Park does not have toilet facilities. The playground is adjacent to the road and carpark and is unfenced. The park has bench seating, both sheltered and unsheltered and grassy open space to set up for the day. The playground equipment is suited to a younger age group; however the playing fields provide a space for older Brisbane Kids to play. All playgrounds are unfenced and the play equipment is unsheltered, but shaded by trees at some times of the day.

Alexander Park – The Facts

  • Unfenced playground
  • Bark base
  • Rockers
  • Climbing web
  • Slide
  • Infant swing
  • Swing
  • Climbing trees
  • Bike path
  • Large flat grassy spaces
  • Large shady trees
  • Sheltered bench seating
  • Carpark and street parking

Another fantastic nearby Brisbane Playground is King Fletcher Park.

CB Mott Park is located on Currey Ave in Moorooka.

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