AFL Auskick for Kids in Brisbane

The NAB AFL Auskick program is aimed at getting younger kids aged between 5 and 12 years involved in Australian Rules football (AFL). It teaches the foundation skills of the game, such as technique and team work, and is designed as a safe and fun activity to suit the physical capability and endurance of youngsters.

What happens at AFL Auskick?

The games are much shorter than standard AFL matches, and are more focused on skill building than endurance. The teams are also smaller, with programs available for individuals, small groups and teams. Auskick is divided into 3 levels defined by age, with rules changing slightly as the age increases, allowing the addition of more traditional AFL skill building. Positions are rotated to give all kids a chance to learn a variety of roles and expectations set to meet skill level and age, ensuring enjoyment and a sense of achievement is experienced by all players. A full overview of the rules can be found here, however the benefits go far beyond basic football skills.

Parents are encouraged to get involved too, either in a supporting role as a coordinator, volunteer or coach, or simply to enjoy the pride of watching their kids have fun and learn new skills. There is even an online basic coaching course available for parents to help them increase their involvement.


The benefits of Auskick for kids

Auskick introduces children to Aussie football, but also encourages them to embrace a healthy lifestyle and a passion for physical activity. With improved motor skills and basic fitness conditioning, kids are taught about the importance of training and practice to build new skills and improve existing ones, while setting and achieving personal goals.

The benefits for social skills are also huge, with kids learning cooperation and team work, as well as respect for others. They are exposed to positive role models in the form of older children and adults involved in Auskick and given an opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem, while learning about motivation, responsibility and resilience, which are all skills that will benefit them later in life.

How do I register for AFL Auskick?

Annual costs range between $30 – $70 per child for Auskick. Registration can be done online where you can choose to register from a list of your nearest NAB AFL Auskick centres. Alternatively, print the registration form and register in person at one of the Auskick sign on days. The website has a post code search option for you to find your nearest centre, many of which are situated at school playing fields.

And on top of all that, kids get a fantastic membership pack when they register, complete with their own Sherrin football amongst other cool stuff, so they can practice and extend their love of football.

Auskick is a great way to get your kids, both boys and girls, involved in a game that is not only fun, but rewarding too. It also gives them a stepping stone if they wish to pursue this iconic Aussie sport beyond their primary school years.

Check out the NAB AFL Auskick website for more information and registration.

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