The Ekka

If you are at that stage of family life when prams are part and parcel of any trip out then you will definitely want to use a pram at the Ekka. Can you hire a pram at the Ekka? Yes you can hire prams and strollers at the Ekka for $20 a day from
The biggest annual event on the Brisbane calendar, the Ekka is ready for a massive event in 2020 with some exciting new additions
As the longest running and largest public event in Queensland, the Ekka is the highlight of the Brisbane calendar. And why
The secret to having a fun-filled family day out at the Ekka is all in the planning. If you live outside of Queensland's capital
The Ekka is a highlight in Brisbane’s event calendar each year, but, because of its location at the Brisbane Showgrounds, a bit
The tireless organisers of the Royal Queensland Show are committed to offering visitors a unique and fun-filled event every year
Ahhh, the Ekka… home of delicious treats like Dagwood Dogs, fairy floss, Strawberry Sundaes and show bags heavy with
When we think of the Ekka, we often think of rides and showbags, sideshow alley and Dagwood Dogs. Yet the Ekka is at heart an
The Brisbane EKKA is just around the corner, which means it's time for the all-important task of picking showbags! Reviewing
*After paying for entry (but we can save you money on that too!). In conjunction with the Royal National Agricultural and
You don't need to go to the Brisbane Ekka to buy a showbag If you’re avoiding the crowds of the Ekka, or just can’t find the
What's open for the Wednesday Ekka Show Holiday in Brisbane? Looking for somewhere to take your Brisbane Kids as Brisbane
If you were born and raised in Brisbane, you will probably have fond memories of trips to the Ekka as a child. Whether you
As the sun sets, the excitement builds at the Ekka. Your Brisbane Kids won’t want to miss these exciting family friendly events
Is it a crazy idea to take your toddler to the Ekka? No way! It can be both an educational and an entertaining experience, full
The Ekka can make for an amazing (albeit hectic!) day out with your Brisbane Kids and family. More than ever, it really pays to
The Ekka — One pregnant mum, her mother-in-law and 2 crazy Brisbane kids. The Royal Brisbane Show is clearly one of those big
The Brisbane Exhibition is a Queensland institution with over a week of exhibitions, celebrations and entertainment for families.

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