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The humble t-shirt.  It has been a staple in all wardrobes, no matter what your age, size or gender is, for centuries now.  If anything, over the years and with the introduction of internet shopping, the tee has grown in popularity but
It’s common knowledge that everyone needs their sleep to function optimally during the day. But how much and how is it
In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we have a tendency to forget that we need to stop and be a child every once in a
If you have tried all the tricks in the book and still feel you need assistance in the sleep department then maybe it is time to
A family vision board is a great way to come together as a family and collaborate through a common vision for a new year. It also
When is it too early and when is it too late to start swim lessons? When should a child begin swimming lessons? Understanding
Relationship health suffers due to constant daily distractions. ‘Fathering Adventures’ guided father and child
When I went to school it probably wasn’t called bullying, or I don’t remember it being called that.  There were times, more
“He’s learning Chinese because it is the language of the future. He has to do a sport because all children have to play a
Apps to support separating families are all designed to support parents through what will likely be one of the most challenging
A 3-4 year old child's focus should be participating in activities that support the development of the hand and finger muscles.
‘Sick days’ have been a hot topic amongst parents for years, especially in determining how many school-classes children can
Guest Blog written by Kylie at Kidgredients It’s hot, it’s really, really hot! But kids still need lunches and they need to
Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is the commonest chronic disease that affects children. Its effect on a child’s daily life can
Recently I was asked how learning to sing can help children who experience anxiety, something seemingly unrelated. Learning to
Do you have children? Are they approaching the ages of 7-14? Then puberty is upon you. Puberty is a time of rapid change, both
By Lawrence J. Cohen. PhD Reflecting on parenthood – stepping back to think, write or talk about what life is really like
For many kids, braces are as much a part of adolescence as pimples and teen angst, but, unlike most other childhood rites of
Childhood is a funny thing for parents. Fleeting overall, but peppered with so much colour and drama and so many milestones that
Pets are valuable family members that provide love and attention, companionship and joy, and make the most accepting friends. I
Impetigo, commonly known as school sores, can be a common and frustrating occurrence in the household. Impetigo is very easily
The 4 year healthy kids check and assessing readiness for school can be an overwhelming topic for parents and their child. The
Kids Hooked on Video Games? Read This Before Anything Else. “My kid is gaming all the time and I don’t know why”. Sound
Adopting a pet is a wonderful experience for a family! Whichever pet you choose, they will need a certain amount of care and
By Nina Mitchell I have depression … Three little words that have changed the course of my life forever. Three little
We all know that it can be dangerous to leave children and pets alone in cars. (It can also be illegal, as we covered in detail
How to explain ocean rips to kids is probably one of the most important lessons you can teach a child about beach safety. Here in
This is the face of postnatal depression and anxiety. Well, one of them. It’s the face of crippling self-doubt, relentless
Most parents have found themselves woken during the night by their children having nightmares or night terrors, but do you know
Pedestrian Safety Campaign from CARRS-Q We all held our children’s hands around roads when they were really young, but do we
One of the things we love the most about Brisbane Kids is that it’s so much more than just a website and social media hub of
Storytelling is in a state of transformation, with Disney Junior The Channel on the cusp of introducing their second season of
It seems like there is a whole industry of specialists promoting training programs, self help books and all sorts of products to
Anxiety is a normal product of our human brain - our genetic ancestors wouldn’t have survived too long without this survival
There’s no doubt about it; the teenage years are some of the most turbulent and difficult years in the life of your child.
Telling your child they have ASD, Autism, Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder is a personal choice. When you do it, if you do
Thanks to Grange Family Dental for this article. A recent Australia Dental Association survey* showed that the most commonly
We all know that making a will is important in order to settle your estate and distribute your assets and possessions in the
You would think that having 10 different ways of dealing with headlice would be unnecessary, but  infact with 3 children, 2 boys
The upcoming Easter break marks the end of Queensland’s hotter weather where many parents choose to forgo swimming lessons in
We asked the Baby Whisperer, Katie from The Baby Sleep Company, to share some of her top tips for helping babies sleep
Soccer classes are a great place to start if you have kids that are super active and you are looking for an activity with a
8.40am - A 5 year old boy runs across the school playground, ahead of his mum.  She yells out “Ryan, PLEASE come and put your
For a full list of school closures in Queensland due to the 2022 flood crisis, that is updated in real time, visit
Every parent goes weak at the knees at the sight of their children playing harmoniously together. Holding hands. Sharing. Talking
Leaving the kids alone in the car at a petrol station is often a contentious topic, with much of the community divided in their
The number one tip for choosing a lunch box: have a Bex and a lie down. Six weeks ago, if you had told me I would develop an
It seems like kids these days hit a new milestone every week. With school about to start again for another year, it raises a
Have you been in a situation filled with people and find out that your child is having a hard time to participate? We’ve all
As the new school year swiftly approaches, many parents begin to get anxious about casting their children off into the throng of
All too often parents are met with one word answers of “Fine” or “OK” to their questions of “How was your day?”. Kids
Getting kids to brush their teeth can be one of the most challenging habits to build, and is rarely without some varying levels
For a year or two my husband and I ate dinner  with our kids in front of the TV, often with a picnic blanket on the floor. We
Macleans are known for being one of the leaders in tooth and gum care, with their extensive range of dental care products, so it
When it comes to minors (those under 18 years of age) and alcohol, there is always going to be a long and lasting debate over
We’ve all been there — you need to pay at the petrol station but you have a carful of kids, you want to quickly duck into a
"Ma'am, I'm eight years old. You think I would be here *alone*? I don't think so." Macaulay Culkin's breakthrough performance
Secondary drownings can develop hours after a swim, bath or anything that occurs with water.  Secondary drowning is without
There's no doubt that Brisbane Kids live in a fabulous city that's safe, fun and family friendly. But when it comes to skin
Updated 2019 using information found on the Child Restraints section of the Queensland Department of Transport website. As your
Updated 2019 using information found on the Child Restraints section of the Queensland Department of Transport website. There are
Making new friends and finding ways to meet other parents in Brisbane is what this post is about whether you are a local or new
Are you or someone you know experiencing prenatal or postnatal depression? For the first time in Australia, free support is being
A Pledge from a Mum. (This article was submitted on the condition the writer remain anonymous) so it begins...... I’m a
It seems that we are all in agreement – finding age-appropriate clothing for teenage girls and modest clothes for tweens these
Dogs can be much more than a best friend for your Brisbane Kids, they can actually help both children and adults to be physically
Are you thinking of adding a kitten or cat to your Brisbane family? Cats make loving fur-ever friends and are great with kids,
Guinea pigs are cuddly, friendly and full of personality, making them the perfect pet for Brisbane Kids. Read on to find out
It’s unavoidable really – at some point in a child’s life they are going to be stuck at home unwell. But how do you occupy
I have a theory that when you don't like a behaviour in someone else then often its an opportunity to reflect on that stuff
Do you know if your kid’s bones are healthy? Strong bones are like the foundations and support walls of a building. If they are
Many thanks to Kids First Aid Australia for this article. Respiratory distress in babies and children is a medical emergency!!
Are your Brisbane Kids getting bored with their school lunches? We've got the inspiration you need to get the excitement back
Children mirror their parents and what better way to spend your time reading than knowing your child is watching what you do and
Meditation does many things for humans from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress and it is a wonderful non-medicative
Many thanks to Kids First Aid Australia for this article. There have been some scorching hot days in the past couple of weeks
Finding a good babysitter requires more than merely looking in the want ads or finding someone off the street. In fact, referrals
Heartstrings are being pulled- Starting school for the first time Being a teacher of Prep students comes with huge
When children are bored, going to the playground will always be the first choice for kids to have fun. For us adults; playgrounds
Finding a trusted place to fit a baby capsule or children's car seat is one of the first decisions a new parent will ever make.
1. Post-natal check Birth is physically demanding for both mum and bub, and an osteopathic visit during the first 6 weeks is a
Talking to kids about storm safety It’s that time of year again when the sky starts to rumble and hot and humid days bring the
Baby showers are a great way to help your expectant friend or family member get a bit more prepared in the lead up to their
Brisbane kindergartens are popping up everywhere and with so many choices, it’s important to know what things are important for
Finding a treatment for eczema in babies or toddlers especially in the Brisbane weather is an exhausting, heartbreaking and often
Top ten things a Grandma needs when your new grandchild is coming to stay! Preparing for a baby visit is not like preparing for
Top Five Things to Look For When Buying Boys’ Clothes   Mothers of boys…we know some pretty special things, like
How I got to talk to my daughter when she was a baby. I gave birth to my first child 18 months ago – a beautiful daughter. 
Babies love to explore the world around them and often the simplest ‘toys’ or repurposed household items can provide the most
This is a just a general fact sheet about Brisbane Psychologists for Families and Kids and should not replace medical
What is Triple P? The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is designed to take your parenting skills to the next level,
Angel Grandma For those of us who live without our mums, who wish with our might we didnt. For those who live with regret.. I
10 ways to fit exercise into your routine as a parent By Kate from All About you Personal Training who does Personal Training
Toddler Games | Top 10 Toddler Games are part of the fun of being parents where your baby begins to turn to child. This follows
Milestones There are milestones that matter and those that don't as much. Ones that parents speak of proudly, but the reality is
A Doppler foetal monitor is a handheld ultrasound device used for listening to your unborn baby’s heartbeat, and often also
Through exposure to musical variety, the groundwork is laid in the form of new neural connections in the brain – making the
Mem Fox’s Ten Read Aloud Commandments 1. Spend at least ten wildly happy minutes every single day reading

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