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Whether you are looking for information on schools, education opportunities in your area or simply trying to find fun ideas and educational tools to implement at home we have you covered.  As parents, we want the best for our children when it comes to their education and there are many ways we can go about achieving this.  From craft ideas that allow them to learn through play, to building butterfly gardens to explore, search a range of educational tools and informative articles that will all aid in your child’s academic and emotional development.

Whether they love to twirl around the house to their favourite tunes, or aspire to dance on the big stage, learning ballet fosters creativity, musicality and movement in children and is a great way to inspire confidence, coordination and even
The ultimate question: What are the soccer age groups in Australia. It sounds like it shouldn't be confusing but thanks to dated
Osmo have earned themselves a reputation for creating fun, inspiring and educational iPad games designed to engage kids and make
Typing apps for kids are meeting the need of helping parents to teach their kids how to use a keyboard. The layout, how to move
Spending all day watching ant cams and ant videos sounds like the perfect day to us so we created this collection of the most
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly over an active volcano, stand on the crevasse of an Alaskan glacier, or
If you’re stuck at home with the kids and wondering what to do to fill the time and have fun, why not go on a virtual outing?
Did you know that many wonderful museums around the world offer virtual tours? Have you ever wanted to take your kids to NASA’s
If you are a parent who has been tasked with the role of educator while your child is away from school, then no doubt you are on
Kids adore animals, and learning about our furred, feathered and finned friends is a huge part of their education. But it’s not
The next global Outdoor Classroom Day is scheduled for November 5th, 2020 and the theme will be Love the Outdoors! Have you
Continuing on with the amazing work their charity has done for seriously ill or injured children, the Ronald McDonald House have
Heading back to day-care or school can be a time full of excitement and anticipation for many, it is also a time of severe
This is a resource for parents who are looking for ideas around kids giving back in terms of time, or by gifts or charitable
Education Minister Grace Grace has confirmed a $3.68 million Water Safety Initiative for Queensland State Primary Schools.  This
Fundraising plays an important role in schools in order to ensure that our children have access to the best resources and
On 2nd July 2018, the assistance fee that families receive for childcare will change. We take a look at everything you need to
Most fatal fires are preventable, so it is important to take the time to prepare now to protect yourself, your family, and your
We all want our kids to be healthier, move more and take advantage of walking, riding or scootering to school. Schools across
At Brisbane Kids we know that little hands love to create (mess) and that, as parents, the idea of setting them up with a craft
The birth of the Gold Coast Butterflies Hobby Farm Josephine Romeo’s love of gardening became a passion for butterflies
There is something to be said about watching a butterfly makes its way around a garden.  Perhaps it is even a little mesmerising
Yesterday, Brisbane City Council announced that, in collaboration with Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, it would be investing up to $2
“He’s learning Chinese because it is the language of the future. He has to do a sport because all children have to play a
We’re all online now. Even our kids, starting as young as two, have an online presence. 71% of teens use social media,
If your child excels in a certain sport and you want to help them achieve the highest possible level in that field, you may be
For a long time, kids with dyslexia were overlooked in the classroom. It was assumed that they just weren’t very bright, or
The word "rate", when considering the quality of education is always worth investigating with an open mind, not least when
Repeating the prep year is a decision that parents may be asked to consider. Other parents are wondering if they should be
The New Year is the time when most people start thinking about future plans. If you have children, one of those plans might be to
Choosing the right high school for your children is one of life’s most important decisions – if we get it right, all the
There’s no doubt that playing sport has multiple benefits for kids – improving problem-solving skills, learning to be a good
There are many reasons you might find yourself looking into limousine hire and the truth is most of us end up there as our
The Silver Fox Community is a non profit organization that is changing views on how we age. Its main activity is to promote
For today’s kids, the Internet is full of endless promise and potential, an exciting place to explore, learn, create, and
You know the saying, don’t you?  The days are long but the years are short.   It’s a quote that will scarcely mean more
Kids nowadays are pretty tech savvy, and when it comes to touchscreen technology they seem to be born total whizzes, somehow
Every Prep student in Queensland will have their vision screened under the new Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program,
Composite classrooms, also referred to as “multi-age”, “multi-grade” or “combined” classrooms, exist when children of
Playing games is a normal part of development for any child. With the significant improvements in video game design and
Just 14 kilometres from central Brisbane, our waterways open out into Moreton Bay, a spectacular marine park that is home to
From fish and sea birds to rays and whales, our bays are teeming with amazing marine life. Where else can you witness baby
Social media is playing an increasingly large role in modern society, and the vast majority of the school community uses some
Can you help your child through NAPLAN? YES! The National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests are held in
Ditching the classroom for the great outdoors is the stuff dreams are made of when you’re a kid and possible with Forest
The Caboolture Historical Village is the number one tourist attraction in the Caboolture region, and it's easy to see why. A
When it comes to entrusting others with the care of our children, we understandably want to take this matter extremely seriously.
Whether you need care for your child due to work, study or other commitments, or you wish to give your child an opportunity to
The My School website, found at, is a much visited site that can be a great tool for parents and educators
It is time we acknowledged recycling facts for kids are just as important brush their teeth or take the plug out of the sink. We
Possums are iconic Aussie animals. Their cute and fluffy appearance coupled with their non-aggressive nature makes them firm
Brought to you by Nuffnang and Origin Energy Recently I was invited to attend a day with Origin Energy, who are the leading
Choosing a school for your Brisbane Kids will be one of the biggest life decisions you make for them, dictating their future
Kids love everything to do with space, from stars and planets to astronauts, rockets and space travel. It probably has something
Outback Queensland Education Subsidy Scheme The opportunity to have a school camp experience in Outback Queensland seems like an
The Tasmanian devil is the icon of Australia’s most southern state, Tasmania. Whether it’s due to their appearance like small
Many kids struggle with literacy or find themselves at a level that is higher or lower than their class at school. Helping them
Sight Words (the Dolch word list) are a set of 220 common words and 95 nouns said to comprise 80% of the text children read and
Have you ever welcomed your children home from school, eager to hear about their day, only to hear the words “I hate
Whether you’re preparing for the back-to-school rush, or you’re just needing to replenish a few items, we have the most
Koalas are one of our best known Australian native animals, with many tourists coming to Australia to catch a glimpse of a koala.
Spelling City is an award winning game based learning tool for spelling, vocabulary and writing. Spelling City can be downloaded
A recent Education Index survey calculated that the cost of privately educating a child born in Brisbane in 2015 could be
Did you know you can do more with Google than look up information? Google has some hidden and not-so-hidden secrets. In fact,
Thought red light meant stop? Green light go? And as for that amber light – well who’s really sure? Now there’s a
Don’t do it. Yes, it’s really that simple. NAPLAN – the annual National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy-
This question is repeated in the heads of parents this time every year when the word NAPLAN is mentioned at the school
Jolly Phonics and other phonics programmes are a method used to teach children how to connect sounds to letters. Learning sounds
Tired of the same old sausage sizzles and pie drives? Take your school fundraising up a notch AND have fun with these great
NAPLAN That six letter acronym that can cause major angst among parents and students alike. What is it? Who does
Download and print our free times table charts for kids. The are colourful and engaging with the option to embellish a blank one
Learning Multiplication is a pretty big deal for kids and while there are lots of ways to learn how to do multiplication in the
The key to reading is not one dimensional. You will often hear educators recommend reading to your children from a very young
The biggest decision to be made for the new school year is, without a doubt, which school shoes to buy. There are so many
Kangaroos are such an iconic Australian animal that they seem to be everywhere you look – Skippy re-runs on TV, staring back at
These days there is an app for everything and everything is in an app. For parents who perhaps aren't quite up there and savvy
The world of Apps is big. Enormous. Endless. Kids love to learn and kids love apps. Parents love apps because it can give them a
Computer rage is the expression of anger and frustration that occurs while using a computer or similar device.  For kids,
When you start a new school year with your prep student, chances are you are as nervous as them. If not nervous, you are likely
Now more than ever, children around Australia are facing a health crisis with increasing rates of obesity and all of the health
Getting your child to hold their pencil properly is an art. Not so many generations ago, teachers and parents would use the
By Ryan Spencer, University of Canberra As school resumes for the new year, the “home reader” routine for primary school
Stargazing can be a fun and educational activity to do with the kids at night, ideal for warmer summer nights or camping trips.
Setting up a homework routine is an important practice for your child. Not only does it ensure that school work is done in time,
Tablets, smartphones, hand-held games – today’s kids are exposed to far more varied and complex forms of electronic
Many Brisbane families may be unaware that there was an abrupt change recently introduced which affects the entry age
As the new school year swiftly approaches, many parents begin to get anxious about casting their children off into the throng of
Attention all Brisbane bicycle riders and drivers (so pretty much everyone). The start of each new year brings a raft of law
The spirit of yesteryear is alive and well at the Samford Museum, where Brisbane Kids can step back in time and experience life
With the last school term of the year already in full swing it is time to start thinking of ways our Brisbane Kids can not only
The iOS marketplace is packed with all sorts of apps for kids. Some are entertaining, some are educational, and some are both.
Back in the olden days it was totally acceptable for kids to walk 5 miles through the snow... barefoot! In the eighties we had
The new school year has started and our Brisbane Kids are in full swing with their homework. For many families, this brings a
A Riddle is a posed question requiring the listener to use their ingenuity to figure out what the answer may be. It can often be
You don’t have to be a scientist yourself in order to help your child learn the basics.  Sure you can get out the old Bunsen
Mention the word “maths” and you are usually greeted with an array of groans and fake yawns.  Most kids (and let’s be
Heartstrings are being pulled- Starting school for the first time Being a teacher of Prep students comes with huge
As of 2013 there are literally a million apps out there for you to choose from and with thousands more being created daily how do
If your Brisbane Kid is in to the moon, stars, planets and the universe in general, you should consider getting in contact with
Shopping online for school uniforms can save time, and money, and dragging your Brisbane Kids around the place. Shopping for

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