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You can never be surrounded by too much nature, so why not bring some green into your home with a few indoor plants? Plants don’t need to be high maintenance and the kids will have a great time choosing, then potting them up. Watering and caring
As ANZAC day approaches, families of Brisbane look for ways to remember our diggers.  Whether that is through a dawn service
Carrots are a fantastic vegetable and we have three fun carrot crafts to do at home and all you need is some
We know how much families LOVE Frozen and At Home with Olaf will not disappoint Frozen Fans. Disney animator Hyrum Osmond
Recycling household items into craft projects for the kids is one of the best ways to reduce waste while keeping them happy,
Teaching your children to draw and create art is a valuable skill at any age or skill level. If you are like me and have very
Most families eventually, at some stage or another, find themselves with a pile of paper rolls that are just crying out to be
If it seems like each Easter you buy a new egg basket that is then lost before the next one comes around then this year why not
If you are looking for a super easy, super cute Easter craft than look no further than these adorably quick egg carton
We all know the benefits of making sure kids stay active for healthy bodies, but what about healthy brains too? Kids love to play
Kids love to craft and at Easter it is no different.  There are plenty of fun, simple and mess-free Easter craft activities you
Sometimes all your need to make an Easter gift that little bit more fun and personal is an adorable handmade accessory that
How To Grow Towering Sunflowers With Massive And Bright Flowers While Introducing Your Kids To Gardening  Want to impress the
At Brisbane Kids we know that little hands love to create (mess) and that, as parents, the idea of setting them up with a craft
Whether you’re making a costume for Book Week or Halloween, planning a Harry Potter themed birthday party, or your kids just
Most little kids want to grow up to be a race car driver at some point; it seems to be an inevitable childhood phase. If your
Editors Foreword: It is a rainy Saturday and you have nothing to do, fear not! Because rainy days are a perfect day to teach your
This yarn project is great for kid’s fine-motor skills, coordination & nurturing their creativity; it’s a fun screen-free
Messy play - tick! Creative fun - tick! Simple, original art work - tick! Getting started Messy play/painting with
With Mother's Day skipping happily towards us, it's time to start thinking about gifts. And while store-bought presents may be on
Easter doesn't just have to be about indulging in chocolate on Easter Sunday. Sure that's a big part of it, but there's plenty of
Besides dancing an Irish jig, chasing pots of gold, or painstakingly sitting in a patch of clover to find that ‘lucky’ one,
Who would have thought you could make so many cute creatures out of heart shapes? :)  You could easily make these on a smaller
Making paper planes can be one of the cheapest activities for entertaining the kids. After the Summer 2014/2015 school holiday
This is another really simple project that you can adjust for any time of year.  Snow flakes at Christmas, Egg shapes at Easter,
Balloons are an inexpensive and fun way to entertain the kids with an endless array of games and activities you can do with them.
This is a simple Halloween craft idea that Brisbane Kids of all ages will enjoy. You will need: Cardboard rolls Paint
Here is a cute Halloween decoration you can whip up with the kids. You will need: Paper, the thicker the
Halloween is such a great excuse to dress up and have some fun (and treats!), but hiring or purchasing costumes can be expensive
It turns out I am one of ‘those’ mums. You know, the ones that randomly stick their hand up when the school newsletter asks
Ikea is full of weird and wonderful items; many of which already grace thousands of homes across Brisbane. These innovative Ikea
Book Week 2015 is fast approaching and whilst children, schools and libraries nation-wide prepare for this literary celebration,
Bubbles are so magical, and when combined with paint and colour, what could be more fun? You will Need: Bubble Liquid Food
Wanting a quick and easy experiment to excite and amaze your children?? This simple tea-bag trick will have them totally amazed.
DIY Wrapping Paper Since I can remember, I’ve always created my own wrapping paper using newspaper, butcher’s or brown paper
Step back to the swinging 60’s with these super easy and hugely popular Lava Lamps. This DIY project is so simple your Brisbane
Wishing for a day at the beach but stuck at home? We have a fun and easy way to bring the seaside into your home using items in
Brisbane Kids love pom poms! Not only are they fun and easy to make, but they can be transformed into almost anything little
This is a fun colour discovery and guessing game. Challenge your child to guess what colour each ball will be. See their face
Mmmm…. the smell of jelly is a childhood memory we all lovingly remember. And what’s better than adding two wonderful
Even when little ones are sick they are often on the go. A quiet, stationary activity that keeps them entertained and busy away
Oh my!!! This may be our favourite play dough of all time! This is a no cook, 2 ingredient, 2 minute and totally edible play
Brisbane Kids love to play in the great outdoors, and creating wonderful masterpieces with their nature finds is a fun and
Children LOVE to play with paint and colours and enjoy seeing what happens when they mix. So this is a great experimental
If your Brisbane Kids are anything like mine, they won’t be able to walk past any of these seed pods without insisting on
Not a DIY expert or gearing up to complete in the next round of The Block? Never fear! We have found some super easy and
Encourage kids to start saving with their own personalised piggy banks. These papier mâché piggies are fun and easy to
You might be asking why you would want a dinosaur themed home and I feel sorry for you if you don't understand but for those that
If your kids are anything like ours, Sunday can not come soon enough! Woolworths is selling some really cute felt Easter baskets
Thanks to Tiny Art for this Mothers Day Craft idea. My Tiny Artists LOVE to collect egg cartons and when looking for
A sweet treat to play with first Here is an Easter craft you can do that is not only an adorable and fun little character for
Here's a really easy Easter craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. You will need: Some old milk or juice
Help your Brisbane Kid to spoil someone special these Easter craft ideas! This cute chick card with its fun moving beak and this
Reusable Art Medium For Kids Looking for a new and exciting way for your child to express their artistic visions? Rainbow salt
How to Make Rainbow Collages This is a great rainy day activity that is perfect for toddlers mastering their cutting and gluing
7 Tools You Need for a Handmade Paper Making Kit Not only is making paper super fun, but it makes for beautiful handmade cards,
How to Make Paper at Home If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at paper making, then you need to start with Paper Pulp from
No-sew soft toy Got a lost sock looking for a buddy?? Why not turn that lost sock into a great Easter Sock Bunny for a fun new
Do you often rack your brains trying to think of things to keep your active toddler occupied at home? Do you want to help your
Make snow at home for kids Brisbane Kids miss out on real deal snow but this simple recipe can bring a winter wonderland into
Science Experiments with bi-carb ROAR! The baby dinosaurs are ready to hatch! But they need a magic potion to set them free from
Home made baby-smelling playdough Create play-dough that smells just like a baby and is luxuriously soft to play with. This
Science Experiments with Bi-Carb A spoon full of magic makes a Brisbane Kid happy. This is a magic trick your Brisbane Kids will
Science Experiments with Bi-Carb Brisbane Kids will love this easy bi-carb activity. Create a cauldron of fizzing potions with
Summertime in Brisbane is a wonderful time to enjoy the sunshine of our gorgeous state, however some days Brisbane Kids just need
Transpiration - such a big word and a complicated term, but one that is so exciting to experiment with and to show your Brisbane
Keep your Brisbane Kids cool whilst exploring our ideas for fun in your backyard this summer! Mini Yacht Racing A creative
How to create an Ice Ball for sensory play Whew, it was hot today! On these balmy summer days, this activity is a great way to
The lead up to Christmas can be a jumble of emotions for children and adults – excitement, anxiety, boredom and anticipation. A
How to create your own fun kids' scavenger hunt for free Creating fun childhood memories doesn’t have to cost the earth. In
How to put your own works of art onto t-shirts Looking for a quick and simple, yet very effective art project? One that will
It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have some
It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have some
It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have some
It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have
Looking for a quick and easy craft project to make with or for your children? Pet rocks. Yes pet rocks. Children love being able
Let's talk about unique party bag ideas for kids. Are lolly bags even necessary, NO! But if you have decided you would like to
Many thanks to Mott Park Kindy for this activity. Step 1. Organise all of the equipment. What you will need: Large sheet
Long car trips with kids can be a challenge. Finding something to amuse them can be an even bigger challenge. The continual
There’s nothing better than the sweet flavour of home-grown strawberries! Loved by children and adults alike, it’s little
Many thanks to Craigslea Kindy for this activity. Step 1. Organise all of the ingredients and equipment What you will
Thanks to Lawnton Kindy One of the many many rainy day activities that have happened at our kindy is making a fishing game.
It's true. You can get Alien snot on Earth, well that's according to the awesome childcare centre at Albany Creek, Chatterbox
Heading into the great outdoors for a scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to get your kids out and about with nature. The great
Cardboard boxes provide a wealth of possibilities in the fun that can be had by kids for little or no money for hours! Its like
 Mother’s Day Art Gift Ideas You’ll be amazed at how fun, creative and enjoyable this art activity made from chalk
Looking for a simple, sweet and fun christmas craft to do with the kids this jolly season then look no further than these super
In a doctor’s waiting room, around the dining table on a Saturday night, or in the tent on a rainy camping trip—anytime is
Crafty Crayons Are you wondering what to do with all the small pieces of crayons accumulating in your children’s drawing
Babies love to explore the world around them and often the simplest ‘toys’ or repurposed household items can provide the most
Top 10 Resources to Inspire Creativity. Providing experiences to inspire creativity involves children engaging in open ended
Top 10 Ways to Nurture Creativity In Young Children Nurturing creativity involves providing opportunities for children to
How to Make a Paper Easter Basket This simple basket can be made by Brisbane Kids of all ages from materials you probably
They may only be a small globe filled with tiny figurines and glitter, but there is something indescribably magical about a snow
I wrote this blog, because as a mum with a young family I think it is important to start traditions for all sorts of special
If you are after a fun and easy craft activity to do with the kids at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas, this
  Playdough Recipe- Non Cooking Version. lets face it.. sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is turning on the
Playdough Recipe Playdough is the ultimate in fun for Brisbane Kids. Brilliant for fine motor skills and for fun of all sorts

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