Christmas Ideas and Traditions

I know what you are thinking, catching Santa in the act!? Do we expect you to stay up all night long?? NO! And imagine you snoozed off for a minute and you missed him! Catching Santa in the act on your mobile phone (Iphone or Android), with a photo
Christmas is the biggest holiday on any Brisbane Kid's calendar and from the family get together to the almighty Christmas
Getting kids playing outside is not as easy as it used to be, thanks to the pull of computer games, devices and other indoor
Finding Christmas presents and birthday gifts for kids who have everything can be difficult. If it is your niece or nephew
Christmas is a pretty magical time of the year for little minds that are brimming with excitement and imagination. Kids are eager
There’s something magical about twinkling lights. Combine them with an animated Santa, Christmas decorations and music and
Finding the best Christmas Lights in Brisbane all depends on where you live, how much time you have and often how old your kids
Jingle bells jingle bells........ The joy on a child's face when hearing such a wonderful sound at Christmas is priceless. But,
Some of the best things happen at Christmas and for our family it is the gift of time. Time for cooking, time for play, time to
It’s no secret that Brisbane Kids loves Christmas — the fun, excitement, special family time and cherished traditions. Yet we
Finding the best Christmas lights in Brisbane in 2016 isn’t easy, which is why we’ve done the ground work for you! There are
With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt the kids are starting to build their toy wish lists. To make your shopping
Christmas for Brisbane Kids is an exciting and magical time steeped in family traditions and special memories, from the annual
It can be hard to find different and useful teacher gift ideas year after year—surely they’ve already got cupboards full of
Myer has made it so easy for families to shop for Christmas gifts this year with their unique Giftorium departments in stores
A unique first for retail in Australia, Myer Giftorium's dedicated Christmas shopping department is a wonderful place for the
So we got a little crazy and made a list of almost every Christmas movie ever made.  A list that is infinite it would appear in
So, we decided it might be a good idea to make a list of ALL the Christmas movies ever made so that you could sit down with a
“Is Santa real?  Or is it just you Mum?”   Oh no.  The question! I had thought about this on and off over the years. 
Brisbane is where I grew up. I love the people here, friendly, welcoming - sunny. Christmas is my favourite time of year and
Finding Real Christmas Trees in Brisbane is a tradition that many families relish as part of their Christmas plan.  Indeed, no
Fun Christmas activities to enjoy at home with your Brisbane Kids this year. The Brisbane Kids team has been busy crafting up a
Christmas is the time of year that, for all its excitement, can also be stressful, tiring and a bit of a let down after so much
Christmas Eve can be so enjoyable with children, reminding you of your own childhood memories of the festive season. There are a
Top Five Old Fashioned Gifts for Children It’s a common complaint of parents: they begged for it, and then played with it for
How to send a letter to Santa Step 1 Write the Letter Have a chat with your Brisbane Kids about what they might like Santa
I wrote this blog, because as a mum with a young family I think it is important to start traditions for all sorts of special

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