Christmas Craft

Some of the best things happen at Christmas and for our family it is the gift of time. Time for cooking, time for play, time to instill traditions and memories. Colouring in and other Christmas activities that lead up to the Christmas can be as
It’s no secret that Brisbane Kids loves Christmas — the fun, excitement, special family time and cherished traditions. Yet we
Christmas for Brisbane Kids is an exciting and magical time steeped in family traditions and special memories, from the annual
It can be hard to find different and useful teacher gift ideas year after year—surely they’ve already got cupboards full of
How to make your own Reindeer lollypops This is such a cute Christmas craft that would make great gifts for your Brisbane Kids'
Here is a really simple Christmas craft project that the whole family can get involved in, with stunning results. What you
How to make your own Christmas card game This concept could be easily adapted to suit different ages of Brisbane Kids. Early
How to create custom-made Christmas cards at home This is a great simple craft activity for children of all ages. We have
How to make 2-dimensional Christmas Tree with handprints This is a great simple craft activity for children of all ages. It is
The kids will love making these cards. What you need; Card stock Sequins Clear craft glue (or glue that dries
Advent Calendars are all about counting down to the big day. In some ways they actually extend Christmas with a little surprise
How to make Christmas Tree Decorations with Egg Cartons This is a great simple craft activity for children of all ages. Step
Christmas Sensory Box Sensory boxes are a fantastic way to engage a child’s senses and activate their imagination.   This
Gather the family together to make this simple yet eye catching heart shaped bauble wreath. What you need to make this bauble
Finding Real Christmas Trees in Brisbane is a tradition that many families relish as part of their Christmas plan.  Indeed, no
How to make Christmas pegs with stickers This is a very easy and inexpensive Christmas activity to do with your Brisbane Kids.
Fun Christmas activities to enjoy at home with your Brisbane Kids this year. The Brisbane Kids team has been busy crafting up a
How to make your own Christmas baubles with strips of paper Making these Christmas baubles became a family experience in our
It seems every year, as the festive season arrives, recording artist all over the world start clambering to get their latest
How to make your own Christmas decorations This is a Christmas version of a simple and cute decoration that Brisbane Kids will
How to make your own Christmas cards This sweet idea is great for making a thank you card for kindy or school teachers, or a
How to make your own Christmas decoration This craft idea was adapted from an image in an Ikea catalogue. Everyone who has tried
Cupcake casing snowflakes Silver cupcake casing Scissors Instructions These are so easy and so much fun. Fold a cupcake
Cupcake casing angels White cupcake casing Scissors Sticky tape String Flatten the cupcake casing a little and cut
How to make a Fairy Snow globe Thanks to our latest guest blogger Misha from “Inside the snow globe
How to send a letter to Santa Step 1 Write the Letter Have a chat with your Brisbane Kids about what they might like Santa
Star Decoration: Draw me a Star Believe it or not- its less than 100 days til Xmas- but that aside this is a great decoration

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