Special Needs

Chances are there will be times throughout your child's life when they will experience some sort of difficulty, whether it be in regard to learning, dealing with parental separation, grief, illness, emotional issues or something else. As a parent or
Inclusive environmental & outdoor activities for 12 to 18 years old Calling for nature and adventure-loving families and
Football For All Brisbane City Football Club offers an inclusive football program called 'Football For All'. The program is
Jack’s Butterflies is a newly established children’s charity which provides support to children and their families affected
When your child first gets diagnosed with a disability, life can feel very overwhelming. Endless appointments, assessment and
The Glenleighden School is a Special Needs School in Brisbane for children with Communication and Language Disorders. Finding
For a long time, kids with dyslexia were overlooked in the classroom. It was assumed that they just weren’t very bright, or
Many children can benefit from speech therapy, and now there’s an app – Speech Blubs – which is tackling some of the
Recommended Services – Brisbane Down Syndrome Association of Qld (DSAQ) DSAQ have been an association that has supported
A learning program which promises to improve a range of specific learning difficulties, is now available in a number of locations
There are more than 20 Brisbane City Council swimming pools across Brisbane, which offer great facilities for families to enjoy
Synchrony OT is a private Occupational Therapy practice located in Toowong, Brisbane. They specialise in providing services for
The Sycamore School is Queensland’s first full-time primary school for children with autism. Established by Queensland parents,
Once again, there will be Santa Visits Across Brisbane For Kids With Sensory Challenges in 2021. Have you always wanted to
Recently I was asked how learning to sing can help children who experience anxiety, something seemingly unrelated. Learning to
Do you have a child with a disability? It can often be challenging to have access to facilities that cater for your child’s
Cleft Connect Australia is a not for profit charity established to help Australian families of children born with a Cleft lip and
Whether you or your child have a dairy intolerance, or you’ve made the decision to go dairy free, there’s an excellent range
Recently, as I watched my mother being passed my baby nephew for the first time, I noticed how her face changed to an animated
You are likely reading this because you are worried your child has autism. As parents, it is natural for us to worry about our
Day one of school can be chaos – there are suddenly no clean socks to be found, the zipper is broken on the brand new backpack,
Parenting a child with Autism can be an emotional and confusing journey. As with all challenges we face as parents, having
Have you been told that your child needs to see a speech pathologist and are wondering what to do next? We have the answers to
Thanks to the generous donation from the estate of Redlands' local, Ian Webster-McDougall, Play List Group’s new Saturday Cubby
Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland (ABIQ) was formed to enhance the treatment of children with autism in Queensland and
Finding seam free socks for kids in Australia is hard work. I know because I have been there! A lot of children have sensory
Children often experience feelings of worry, anger, sadness, insecurity and frustration as part of their everyday social and
This article was written by a mother called Mary that has not only been there and done that with the GAPS diet but also
In recent years, we've learnt more about how sensory function can influence a child's behaviour. Sensory function refers to how
Do you have a child with a disability? Is their behaviour difficult to manage at times? Does this place extra stress on your
MyTime Groups are parent/carer groups with an add on playgroups created especially for parents and carers of children with a
A new computer game is making therapy fun for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome! The Secret Agent Society (SAS) computer game
All sports but especially movement based sport such as football can tremendously benefit children with special needs and can
Empower Autism (Empower) believes that society thrives when diverse individuals, experiences, perspectives, and cultures are
What to look for in an Occupational Therapist in Brisbane Occupational Therapists help people undertake daily living activities
Brisbane all abilities parks are thankfully becoming more widespread. The addition of Liberty Swings in many parks across the
Lisa Jones, mother of 6-year-old Emily who is non-verbal with Autism. We had years of hell before we got an official diagnosis
Fenced Parks in Brisbane First of all there aren't many Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane. In our opinion it is a sad case of
PlayConnect is a national playgroup program for families of young children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or displaying

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