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Discover the best kids movies Brisbane has to offer including the best family-friendly cinemas in Brisbane. We have scouted for the lowest priced cinemas, those with loyalty programs and those that offer great value in terms of experience. You will find some additional information about movies for babies and the latest kids movies out now.

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Every day, we hear whispers about the impending doom that planet Earth fast approaches, primarily due to our species impact on the climate, the number of gas emissions entering our atmosphere and the reduction of biodiversity and available habitats.
A trip to the movies during the school holidays is a great outing for families and with many cinemas now offering cheaper tickets
With the beautiful climate we have here in Brisbane, watching a movie outdoors is a great family activity to enjoy all year
Everyone loves a family trip to the movies, but it’s always a shock when you realise just how much it costs. Ticket prices can
BCC Cinemas (formerly known as Birch, Carroll and Coyle) are the place to go for family movies, with all tickets just $8! That's
There are a number of 3D and 4D cinemas in the Brisbane area, but now Redcliffe can boast about its newly opened 7D cinema -
Gold Class Cinemas are a place that for most families is reserved for special occasions, date nights and those rare girls nights
Taking the kids to the cinema is a really fun activity, but the cost of taking the full family means it is usually only a rare
A trip to the movies is a great family day out, with Chermside Cinemas offering a quality megaplex cinema experience for all
Cinema complexes can be a dime a dozen so finding one that offers something different is exciting. Giving the kids a chance to
Popcorn and choc-tops have long been a rite of passage for movie-goers of all ages, but what about burgers, hot chips or even the
Going to the movies has become not only a rather expensive experience, but also a bit of a generic one. Most of the cinemas
For families who wish to see a theatre movie without blowing the weekly budget, the Southbank Cinemas is an excellent option.
Wanting to take the children to the movies? Whether it is your first trip with the family or several, below is a list of some
Every Saturday night, the Tivoli Drive-in comes alive with family drive-in movies for Brisbane and Ipswich residents. Be
With Bring Your Baby movie sessions at Event Cinemas parents of under-five’s no longer have to miss out on going to the

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