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We’ve all been there - kids asleep in the car, it's bucketing down with rain, your sporting your daggiest outfit, but you really need coffee… that’s where drive-thru coffee comes to the rescue. No need to get out of the car, just pull up to
Research shows that bringing migrant and refugee children and their families together for culturally appropriate, fun and safe
Smoke alarms save lives. If we can just get that fact out of the way, then you can appreciate why the Queensland Fire and
Unless you have been living under a literal pile of garbage you would have no doubt heard about the government's new Containers
On 2nd July 2018, the assistance fee that families receive for childcare will change. We take a look at everything you need to
Most fatal fires are preventable, so it is important to make the time to prepare now to protect yourself, your family, and your
We all know the importance of having a fire safety plan so that everyone can escape safely if ever a fire happened at home.
House fires can occur at any time throughout the year. The hot and dry summer months provide ideal conditions for fires to start,
Australian Kookaburra Kids offer help and support to kids in Brisbane who are living in families affected by mental
There are a great many services offering allergy testing in Brisbane and nearby, to help identify the allergens for your child
We all want our kids to be healthier, move more and take advantage of walking, riding or scootering to school. Schools across
Most of us tend to take for granted the safe and stable roof over our heads, however, for some families tonight that basic
If you’re looking for a low-maintenance garden and want to improve the lives of local wildlife, maybe it’s time to consider
Today’s world is difficult to navigate for teens at the best of times, but if the teenager in your family is also experiencing
Sponsored by Brisbane City Council We may be well and truly into the cold and flu season, but it's not too late to immunise
Mercy Family Services provides foster care placements for children and young people requiring out of home care due to statutory
One of the biggest decisions you will make during pregnancy is where to give birth. You want to find a Brisbane hospital where
There’s no doubt that playing sport has multiple benefits for kids – improving problem solving skills, learning to be a good
Families can park at many places all around South Bank Brisbane with most parks being underground and secure. South Bank is a
Brisbane is the home of near-perfect weather, passionate sporting teams, world-famous zoos, thrill-laden theme parks and a
As every parent knows, kids often get sick at the worst possible times, and Christmas Day is no exception. Unfortunately, many
Every Prep student in Queensland will have their vision screened under the new Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program,
At the heart of it, fostering is caring for another person’s child – for as little as a few days or weeks, or sometimes years
Bush tucker may be only a recent addition to the menus of trendy Brisbane restaurants, but it has been a mainstay of the local
Playing games is a normal part of development for any child. With the significant improvements in video game design and
It can be quite challenging to contemplate entrusting your children into someone else’s care, and finding the right person for
Kids Hooked on Video Games? Read This Before Anything Else. “My kid is gaming all the time and I don’t know why”. Sound
Family means many different things to different people. Here in Brisbane, families come in every shape and size. Yet despite
When it comes to entrusting others with the care of our children, we understandably want to take this matter extremely seriously.
It’s so often the case that when our little ones get ill it’s at night, and of course this is the most difficult time for
Whether you need care for your child due to work, study or other commitments, or you wish to give your child an opportunity to
It is time we acknowledged recycling facts for kids are just as important brush their teeth or take the plug out of the sink. We
As I looked at the faces of the other people in room, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. For the past few years these faces and
There is nothing more stressful for a parent then to have a sick child and wondering, "Where can I find a 24 Hour Pharamacy in
Brought to you by Nuffnang and Origin Energy Recently I was invited to attend a day with Origin Energy, who are the leading
This is the face of postnatal depression and anxiety. Well, one of them. It’s the face of crippling self-doubt, relentless
Corinda Compounding Chemist Does your child have allergies, or intolerances to certain additives? Are they unable to take
Pedestrian Safety Campaign from CARRS-Q We all held our children’s hands around roads when they were really young, but do we
One of the things we love the most about Brisbane Kids is that it’s so much more than just a website and social media hub of
Finding unlimited membership to Gold Coast Village Theme Parks is a lot harder than one would imagine and often the offerings are
Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness is a local Brisbane charity that offers education and support to parents and expecting parents
Queensland state school terms run parallel to other public school terms across the majority of Australia, with the goal being
Brisbane Mum of twins, Lisa, recounts her experience of postnatal depression. Thankfully, there are plenty of support options in
Giving something back to the community is something we can all do, even kids. Volunteering and contributing can help families
Attention all Brisbane bicycle riders and drivers (so pretty much everyone). The start of each new year brings a raft of law
When it comes to minors (those under 18 years of age) and alcohol, there is always going to be a long and lasting debate over
Snakes. It's probably not the first 'S' word most of us associate with Summer. But as the weather warms up, close encounters with
"Ma'am, I'm eight years old. You think I would be here *alone*? I don't think so." Macaulay Culkin's breakthrough performance
There's no doubt that Brisbane Kids live in a fabulous city that's safe, fun and family friendly. But when it comes to skin
The Brisbane Kids Great Garage Sale Guide The balmy Brisbane weather is here and Spring has well and truly sprung. Yep, it's
With the last school term of the year already in full swing it is time to start thinking of ways our Brisbane Kids can not only
NOTE: This information is current as at October 2014. It's daunting, but unavoidable. Almost all Brisbane parents have to wrap
Brisbane families take note: Australia's largest paediatric hospital is set to open in South Brisbane one month before
Making new friends and finding ways to meet other parents in Brisbane is what this post is about whether you are a local or new
Brisbane Kids love pets, and puppies are definitely firm favourites for their cheeky and energetic playfulness, their beautiful
Volunteering early in life can have a positive influence on children and how they value their time, skills and service to the
Here’s the good news — Brisbane is an absolutely awesome place to live and an even more awesome place to raise kids! We have
It’s a sad truth, but for some families, there may come a time when they face a crisis. A recent post on our Facebook page
Many thanks to Kids First Aid Australia for this article. There have been some scorching hot days in the past couple of weeks
By Foster Mum Rose Pearse In Australia we have a very sad statistic. The number of foster carers is going down and the number
No matter what your ideal birth plan entails, there are a huge variety of birthing options in Brisbane. Specialists are readily
Attending events such as the Out of the Box Festival, the iconic Ekka, or the awe-inspiring Christmas parades in the Queen Street

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