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It's time to unlock your child's inner Katniss Everdeen as seen in the Hunger Games or perhaps Robinhood depending on your generation. When it comes to improving hand-eye coordination, refining focus and serving up a giant dose of fun, (and getting
If you are considering a new activity for your child, athletics is a great option to consider. Often considered a foundation
Water polo is a team water sport that is active and exciting. With its combination of swimming and game play similar to that seen
Netball is a great sport to give your Brisbane Kid the opportunity to play as part of a team and learn some great skills and make
Soccer classes are a great place to start if you have kids that are super active and you are looking for an activity with a
The NAB AFL Auskick program is aimed at getting younger kids aged between 5 and 12 years involved in Australian Rules football
Ballet is a great activity for boys and girls alike, encouraging fitness, flexibility and fun while they learn new skills and
As a kid, most of us dreamed of running away to join the circus at some point, so why not give your kids the fun of making that a
There is probably no better way to get kids to be active and build teamwork skills than to get them involved in sports. Sports
How to work out your fees and rebates for childcare over the Christmas and New Year period School holidays can be a tough time
Kids yoga allows children to explore the world through a fusion of yoga, acrobatics, circus arts, dance, drama, and adventure.
Ready Set Trot – for kids who ♥ horses A fun and exciting new program which gives young people a chance to get hands on
Is your Brisbane Kid crazy for horses? Are they pestering you to get them lessons to learn how to ride? Horse riding requires a
All sports but especially movement based sport such as football can tremendously benefit children with special needs and can
So is it Soccer of Football? Both! The official term for the game is ‘association football’. This is shortened to just
Basketball Queensland is the not-for-profit governing body for basketball in the state, representing more than 22,000 players,
If your child is a budding musician with a passion for the piano, then piano classes are a great way for them to improve their
Girl Guides in Brisbane Girl Guides provides a non-formal education program that is a dynamic, flexible and values-based

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