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Find a growing list of our favourite books, books for kids and parents and books by local authors that we love. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children that will set them up for life, both academically and emotionally, is the ability to read.

Reading with our children and developing their reading skills helps to encourage their own love of reading and in turn will foster their creativity, imagination and learning capabilities.  Here you will find lists of some fantastic kids books, ones that we love and recommend for all families.

Where can I buy these books?

Where possible we will link back to the local bookshop or preferred distributor of a local author. In some cases, there may be an affiliate link to a larger online bookshop for more well-known books particularly parenting books.

If you are looking for book ideas for this year's book week and are interested in highlighting a character or story that centres around our beautiful country then you have come to the right spot. Below, we have compiled a list of 100
These are the most popular picture books being borrowed by families in regional libraries across Queensland in 2020.  How
This post is written in partnership with the State Library of Queensland Has your child read these beautiful Australian
What is Everything I’ve Never Said about? Bestselling author Samantha Wheeler’s new novel is a remarkable story about
What is Lily’s Balloon about? We all need a gentle reminder to stop, look around and see the big picture sometimes.  When
What Is The Daddy Shop About? The Father and Son Picnic is coming up, but Daddy can’t go with Tai because he’s working. When
What Cloud Conductor is about We’ve all tried to glimpse shapes in the clouds as kids. We’ve pointed out fluffy white
Every child loves to be read to.  It’s a bedtime routine staple that has been encouraged by teachers and educational
  “You want a magic potion to make your kids brighter? Give them books.” – Jackie French, award-winning Australian
Emily Brown and The Thing is an award-winning children’s storybook that cleverly humanises childhood fears that surface during
What the books are about According to my 7 year old, The Bad Guys series of books is so good that after never reading a single
For those small boys who can read, yet really rather wouldn’t, here’s something quite different. Four little kids' books
ANZAC Day is fast approaching and as one of the most important historical dates in our country’s calendar it is one that,
Easter is one of the best holidays ever - chocolate, hot-cross buns, Easter egg hunts, an extra-long weekend and gorgeous Autumn
Making Mindful Magic is a picture book for children, especially designed for parents and teachers to share the mindfulness
Storytelling is in a state of transformation, with Disney Junior The Channel on the cusp of introducing their second season of
Reading is a wonderful hobby for children, encouraging them not only to lose themselves in new stories and magical lands, or
Book Week 2015 is fast approaching and whilst children, schools and libraries nation-wide prepare for this literary celebration,
I have always been one of those nerdy types who when filling out a questionnaire about what I would love to be doing I would
Children mirror their parents and what better way to spend your time reading than knowing your child is watching what you do and
As a mum do we even have time to read? I think not, so when a friend recommended this book I bought it with the intention of
Mem Fox’s Ten Read Aloud Commandments 1. Spend at least ten wildly happy minutes every single day reading

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