The AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit

C-Section Recovery Kit

No matter how a baby is brought into this world, it is a truly momentous, life changing and moving event. But anyone who has had a Caesarean section will know that it can also involve a lot of post-operative pain, limited mobility and lifting, difficulties with the wound and scar, and a fairly long recovery period. This is why we are so excited to introduce you to the C-Section Recovery Kit from AbdoMend! We truly believe it is a must-have for anyone undergoing a Caesarean. It was also winner of the 2014 Family Choice Award for Best Product, so we’re not the only ones who think so. Here’s why!

What is the AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit?

C-Section recovery kit

The AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit is combination of products designed to help ease the post-surgery issues faced by women after C-section. Its unique binder is a soft and supportive compression band that supports the abdominal muscles and back to reduce pain, as well as covering the incision area to protect the wound from damage, tearing and infection. Unlike some other support belts, this binder comes in a range of sizes and can be adjusted to always fit the changing postpartum body. It offers comfortable support and can be worn immediately after the operation, which means you can pick up, hold and nurse your baby even from those early and usually very painful days in hospital. It also helps you to recover faster so you can get up and about more quickly, as well as helping your body get back to its pre-baby shape. Sound like a miracle product? We kind of think it is! And the kit also includes products to help you care for the wound in order to speed recovery, help the wound to heal well and make sure your scar is small and smooth.

What the AbdoMend kit includes

The AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit includes the following items: •   1 AbdoMend™ Support Binder and Strap; •   1 Skin Brush; •   C-Section Recovery Information; and •   Massage and Meditation DVD

How it works

C-Section recovery kit

The binder reduces post-C-section pain by compressing the abdominal tissues. It supports the abdomen, which can prevent the wound from tearing or becoming swollen and painful, and it prevents strain on the wound which can lead to a larger and more uneven scar. It also supports internal organs like the uterus, as it shrinks back to its original size.

The massage DVD guide demonstrates professional massage techniques for limiting abdominal adhesions, increasing circulation for faster healing, decreasing swelling and avoiding problem scars, while the dry skin brush can help protect the incision by reducing swelling and ingrown hairs.

The benefits of using the AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit

The AbdoMend kit has loads of amazing benefits. Here are the main ones we have found: •   Reduces post-op pain •   Gets you up and about earlier •   Speeds up your healing and recovery time •   Protects your incision •   Helps your wound to heal well •   Helps to create a small and smooth scar •   Helps you get back into shape faster

With all those benefits and more, we recommend this AbdoMend kit for anyone undergoing a C-section. For more information, you can visit AbdoMend at, where you can also shop online for this and other great products. Why not even consider a gift voucher for a baby shower gift for the mummy-to-be?

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