9 fitness activities that feel like play for kids

exercise for kids

Now more than ever, children around Australia are facing a health crisis with increasing rates of obesity and all of the health complications that come with it. But keeping your child fit and healthy doesn’t have to mean boring exercises or strict sport schedules. Here are ten suggestions on how to get your kids moving without any complaints.

  1. Dance it off

Wooden spoon microphones at the ready! What better way to get moving than to carve up the dance floor in the safety of your own home? Pull down the blinds, pump up the volume and “shake it off” with your kids to some classic dance hits.


  1. Play tag

The classic game of tag is perfect for burning up energy. Give it a go in the cooler parts of the day and keep it outdoors to avoid high–speed collision catastrophes.


  1. A day at the beach

Ocean swimming, beach cricket, long walks: a day at the beach has everything to keep your kids active. Don’t forget to slip slop slap and pack a healthy lunch in the esky for a great family day out.


  1. Build-it baby

Get those little muscles moving with some outdoor building activities. All that bending, lifting , digging and dragging will build muscle, which helps to burn extra energy.


  1. A walk in the park

Just twenty minutes walk a day can make a big difference to your health. The same is true for kids of course so put on your walking shoes and head outdoors. Make it fun by planning it around an activity: play time at the park or a visit to friends will make it a more attractive activity for your children.


  1. Roll with it

Rolling down a hill may not be your cup of tea, but kids seem to love it! And whatever goes down (in this case) must go back up. All that running up the hill to get back to the top is fantastic for fitness. With protective clothing and under your supervision, hill rolling is a great way to burn energy.


  1. On your bike

Brisbane is home to some beautiful bike rides. Make an afternoon of it and head out together: through parks, along the river, down to the creek – there’s always somewhere new to go. Look out for local wildlife and always wear a helmet, even for short distances.


  1. Jungle-gym junkie

Make a play date with friends and head to your nearest play park or jungle gym. Rope climbing, ladders, swings – all of these fun activities require serious energy but are seriously fun for kids too.


  1. Get your skates on

Whether ice-skating, rollerblading, or old school roller-skating, this is a great way to keep active. If your child has never done this before, consider taking a class together first and then honing your skills somewhere safe. Once they’ve got the knack they won’t look back!



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