Six wonderful reasons your kids will remember the Ekka forever

If you were born and raised in Brisbane, you will probably have fond memories of trips to the Ekka as a child. Whether you religiously went with your family each year, your school class had an Ekka excursion once, your doting grandparents took you and spoiled you with showbags, or you went to the Ekka for the first time as a teenager, you’re sure to have your own Ekka memories. We’ve come up with six wonderful reasons your kids will remember the Ekka forever if you take them this year.

City kids meet country animals


A lot of Brisbane Kids simply don’t encounter animals, especially farm animals, as part of their daily routine. The Ekka offers a fantastic opportunity for kids to get close to animals like cows, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens in a controlled and child-friendly environment. Seeing a cow being milked or feeding a baby lamb by hand is an awesome experience that your Brisbane Kids will not forget quickly. Many of the displays and demonstrations within Animal Boulevard are also an educational experience for city kids who would otherwise not encounter these country creatures.

City folk meet country folk

People from all over Queensland gather at the Ekka every year. They might be visitors, they may be competing in one of the many competitions, or they may be demonstrating their unique skills. Whatever the reason for their presence, rubbing shoulders with such a diverse slice of the population guarantees your Brisbane Kids will see and meet some very interesting people. From an extreme sports show to tap dancing performances, the Ekka exposes young minds to the vast possibilities of life.

Tingling tastebuds

stawberry sundae ekka

The Ekka’s Strawberry Sundaes are a unique experience in their own right. Every year, around 13 tonnes of strawberries are used to make these iconic desserts, promising the freshest and fruitiest treat around. A splurge on one of these delicious frozen pleasures, along with a golden Dagwood dog from Sideshow Alley and some Country Women’s Association scones with jam and cream (found in the old-school eatery under the John MacDonald stand), is an annual taste experience not to be missed.

The sights and sounds of Sideshow Alley

Ekka 2014 Slider

The excitement felt when stepping in to Sideshow Alley creates a lasting impression on Brisbane Kids of all ages. The sheer intensity of fun being had on this side of the RNA showgrounds is heightened by the flashing coloured lights, the music of the many rides and the hum of the crowds. Whether they go on the rides or not, Sideshow Alley truly is a feast for the senses that will stay in the hearts of your Brisbane Kids forever.


A lot of the fun of the Ekka each year is in the build-up of excitement in the weeks before. The annual release of the Ekka Showbag Guide initiates that buzz, sending Brisbane Kids scurrying for pens and paper to make wishlists of their most desired bags. If you can, try to include enough in your Ekka budget for a showbag for each of your Brisbane Kids. Bertie Beetle showbags are still awesome value, with a $2 version available this year. Showbags are an exciting part of the Ekka experience that kids will always look forward to.

Evening events and Fireworks

New Year's Eve

From Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime who turn into monster trucks and V8 utes and displays of incredible horsemanship, to world class fireworks synchronised to surround sound music, the exhilaration of the Ekka hits a fever pitch in the evenings. Your Brisbane Kids will be forever awestruck by the amazing EkkaNITES night time show in the Energex Community Arena. For the perfect end to your day of making memories with your family, take a seat and let the magic of the Ekka surround you.

What are your fondest memories of the Ekka?

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