40 Rainy Day Ideas

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40 Rainy Day Ideas for Brisbane Kids

brisbane-kid-in-the-rainBecause all Brisbane Kids LOVE the rain whether they are indoors and out- This page is about making it easier for Brisbane Parents.

1 Your library has a mountain of kids activities- or they have Books!- time for good old fashioned reading

2 Head to a local indoor Playcentre – make sure you take sock

3 Check out some Toddler games on the computer

4 Culture Head to GOMA (The Gallery of Modern Art)- Its Free

5 Museum Visit Visit the QLD Museum- Its Free

6 Day out Go to the State Library- heaps of kids fun

7 Movie Day Go rent a movie, get some popcorn and make a day of it.

8 Collage Do some Collage- Trawl out your old magazines- look for colour themes

9 Cards Teach your toddler to play snap

10 Declutter Sort through your toy boxes- the kids will play and u can declutter

11 Jigsaw Toddlers will love Jigsaw time

12 Make an indoor obstacle course

13 Build an indoor fort in the lounge room or under the kitchen table

14 Bake some cupcakes with the kids

15 Have a lunch picnic on the floor- spread out a blanket for authenticity

16 Make paper airplanes

17 Playdough Make some playdough- (recipe- Salt 1 1/2 cups/Flour 3 cups/ water 3 cups/cream of tartar 1tb/vege oil tbs/food colour a couple of drops- cook on a medium heat stirring til it all comes together and becomes difficult to move- take of the heat, then knead like pastry 3-4 times- store in air tight container

18 Have a scavenger hunt in the house, set up some clues, let them lead to a lolly reward

19 Get some balloons blow them up- kids will make their own fun

20 Make puppets from old gloves or socks and hold a play

21 hopscotch if you have concrete- maybe some indoor hopscotch

22 Embrace the rain- jump- play and run in it

23 Go for a walk under an umbrella

24 Read books..lots and lots of books

25 Make slime goop- cornstarch + water + food colouring- watch it go solid when u leave it alone, and melt again by the heat of your hands- Magic

26 Play Shops Set up a shop front- a bit of pantry stuff and some coins

27 Make pikelets

28 Watch Mister Maker on Abc2- and do some of their Arts and Craft

29 Decorate the kids room – maybe with some removeable stickers

30 Have a concert – any item can be used for a concert i.e. doing skits/plays, dancing, singing, magic shows, showing off a special talent, telling jokes etc. The kids can practice their item and could even make tickets and programmes and parents or even stuffed toys can be the audience

31 Become storytellers by making up your own stories – they could even be spooky stories for a rainy, gloomy day! You could even record a childs storytelling on tape so it can be played back to them another day

32 Put on music (old records would be good) and dance in many different ways i.e. disco, tribal, crazy contemporary! – Or choose one song and choreograph a dance

34 Create your own indoor garden by making plants/flowers out of different materials and plant them in icecream containers filled with dirt or sand or rocks

35 Make robots/monsters/box people out of old boxes or suitable throw-away items and paint them

36 Make paper mache masks or creatures using balloons, newspaper/scrap paper, flour and water – paint when dry

37 Write a letter to Grandma, Grandad or any beloved relative or friend and post it to them

38 As it gets closer to Christmas – make your own decorations or even xmas wrapping paper – this can also be used at Easter, Halloween etc

39 Decorate blown eggs – blowing the white and yolk out of an egg can take a long time for a child!! This will keep them occupied for a while!

40 Make instruments out of household objects and JAM – this could be an item to do in your concert!! (Rubberbands are great for guitar strings stretched over different objects to create different sounds, different levels of water in glass containers make great notes, rice or grains in containers for shakers – use your imagination and anything can be an instrument!

41 Boat races Make boats out of alfoil and race them down the flowing gutters on the street – or on the way to the street, find a great boat shaped leaf and race it against the alfoil boat!

42 Put Different sized containers out in the rain and have the kids try and think about which one will fill first- prizes for the winner.. and everybody

43 Make Mudpies and sell them in a shop- fill disposable containers with mud, decorate them with leaves, flowers and nuts and then sell them in an outdoor shop














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