33 Screen Free Ideas for Toddlers, Kids and Tweens

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This screen-free activity list is just a starting point of inspiration. As the kids groan when you limit their screentime, or scream I am bored, this is the starting point. The amazing thing about kids is that once they get over themselves and once they get over being bored they will find their own things to do. It helps to have some activities on hand like board games, craft boxes and sometimes it helps to be involved but know that bored is actually great for their development. We thought it would be helpful to link to some of the science, not only to reassure yourself and give yourself confidence as they whine but also to show them the science!

We have written this article as part of the Kinderling Screen Free Challenge which is not about banning screens but just about finding other things to do with your kids that include screens and creating some balance around that.

What my family does: For my family, I try my best to limit screens to homework only during the week, sometimes with Brisbane Kids deadlines I might relent for a few hours but generally I find this approach to work best for us. My kids are are loving a maths game called Prodigy so sometimes I allow that during the week too. When they know they aren’t going to get it as a rule though, I find they don’t ask me every 5 minutes. I would love to hear your ideas if you have any that work and any activity ideas your family use.

Here are the screen free studies

There is a whole book written about why boredom is good for you- buy it from Fishpond
And this is a study about boys and computer games and impacts on learning 
NOW my caveat is- don’t read this and feel all guilty for how much or little screen time your kids do or don’t get- our kids live in a digital world- it is what it is and frankly, our parents probably watched too much TV. The point is to use the science as a moral support and to show your kids that it is important to balance their time offline.

Toddlers Screen Free Inspirationscreenfree time

Make playdough and set up a cafe
build an indoor fort
Make some homemade slime
Make a craft box filled with paper, craft bits and pieces, sticky tape and glue
Press flowers
Turn on Kinderling radio station and wash the floors together
Do a nature collage with the leftover materials from gathering the flowers they press
Make paint stampers from potatoes
Make sculptures out of marshmallows and raw spaghetti

Kids Screen Free starters

screen free time

Make a house out of raw spaghetti and craft glue
Visit scooter and skateboarding parks after school
Teach your child to play a card game
play dress ups (visit your local op shop for inspiration)
Have fun with shadow puppets
Build boats out of paper
Gather all your old blankets and take to an animal shelter
Make Christmas/Easter/Halloween decorations Make marshmallow shooters

Tweens Offline

screen free time tweens

Make a bird feeder
Create a time capsule for their future self
Plan your next birthday party
Pull apart old unworn jewellery to make new jewellery
Set up a baking opportunity
Board games
Go geocaching
Help them plan and make a three-course meal

Longer Term Projects

Teach your kids to play chess
Plan a vegetable garden, plant, and harvest
start a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle together
Create a family artwork
Plan a family holiday and research locations
I know, it’s not rocket science, start small, enjoy the rewards and know that every parent struggles with the balance of screens. If you want to know more about the screen free challenge including winning some cool prizes then click here

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