Ultimate Guide | Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

non chocolate easter presents

Finding chocolate alternatives to Easter is a necessity for many families and a desire for even more. For some it is about taking away the focus of chocolate and food and for others it’s about remembering what Easter is all about. If you DO want to buy your child a gift for Easter that is not related in anyway to chocolate then we have found the ultimate for you. Infact, of all of our 30 Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas only one is food.

Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

  • Buy plastic Easter eggs from the $2 shop and put little tiny trinkets inside them
  • New Bunny Slippers which you will find at most major clothing stores
  • Easter is an ideal time to buy chickens if you were thinking about it
  • Easter-themed clothing (check out Big W, Cotton on, Target etc)
  • An Easter Hamper
  • A Dinosaur hatching egg
  • Playdough rolled into eggs wrapped in clingfilm and placed in an egg carton
  • If chocolate is the main problem then cupcakes may be a nice alternative with little candy eggs on top
  • Your time. Take a picnic, get offline- enjoy the day with your children in the outdoors.
  • Easter stickers

Other chocolate-free Gift Ideas

Pull along Duck

Ok… so ducks aren’t strictly Easter, but it does remind us of new life and sunshine and happiness and all things that remind us of Easter so why not buy your little one a pull along Duck this Easter! We found an Ever Earth Duck at Knock on Wood Toys

ever earth pull along duck


Nanoblock Rabbit

If you have a Brisbane Kid who loves lego then they will LOVE Nanoblocks. This bunny themed Nano creation will probably sit at no more than a few centimetres high making for the perfect on shelf display that will last forever. We found this one in one of our favourite Brisbane Toy Shops- Flying Fox’s Shop at Everton Park.

nano blocks rabbit theme

An Easter DVD like Hop

An Easter DVD is a great way to wind down after a day in the outdoors. Other popular Easter DVD’s include Peter Rabbit, Rise of the Guardians and the Dog who saved Easter.

hop to it

An Easter Book

The Country Bunny was and is one of my favourite books of all time. It tells the story of a mother rabbit who dreams of becoming the Easter Bunny.

the country bunny


An Easter Nightlight

The Woodland Easter Bunny offers a lovely glow and is portable (as it is battery powered).  If a battery-powered nightlight worries you, My Night Light has other corded night lights (including a range of the Hello Kitty bunny). See the full range of bunny night lights at https://www.mynightlight.com.au/

Rabbit Nightlight

Easter Jewellrey

This Oobi Easter Brooch is just way too stylish! How perfect for Easter brunch!

easter brooch

A Bashful Bunny

This Jellycat Bunny from Lime Tree Kids is just looking for a lovely boy or girl to call its own


A pair of new socks

We love these socks from local Brisbane business Lili Life. Bright and cheerful socks are always a fun gift alternative especially for family who would otherwise not want chocolate. These socks also come in matching adult and kids sizing which we love!

socks, candy socks



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