Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

teacher gift ideas

We decided that asking parents what they buy teachers probably isn’t the best way to get to the heart of what makes a good teacher present. Instead, we asked teachers on our what they would most like for an end of year gift. We combined this with some extensive research offline and also within Facebook groups so we could give you a list that to suit all kinds of teachers.

Note: Teachers don’t expect gifts. That was the general consensus where ever we went. Your heartfelt appreciation is valued far more than any trinket or voucher and so never feel like it is your duty or you are bound to gift giving at the end of the school year. That said, if you want to give your teacher a token of your appreciation for education, nurturing and taking care of your child then this is the list that will make it easy for you to choose a teacher’s gift.

Candy cane treats

Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

  1. A hand written note from both you and your child. (priceless and valued). Honestly – after extensive research, this was the most requested gift
  2. A Christmas Decoration. This is personally my favourite and something that we pretty much stick to every single year. Why? I think it’s something that will be remembered, be used and one can never have too many.
  3. Local honey
  4. A brooch. Jewelry is tricky and personal but a nice classy brooch would be a lovely idea. If you know the teacher has a love for something in particular or even a colour preference then all the better!
  5. Movie Tickets. Always appreciated.
  6. Book Vouchers
  7. Scratchies or a Quick Pick
  8. Shortcake or candy cane hearts
  9. Alcohol (a teacher made a note here to say – Also remember not every teacher drinks!! If they do – and they are male, they may prefer some good boutique beer instead of wine)
  10. A vase
  11. A selection of post it notes
  12. Candles
  13. Day spa voucher
  14. Selection of boutique teas
  15. Lions Christmas cake
  16. A terrarium
  17. A bunch of flowers
  18. A hamper filled with different goodies (chocolates, a candle etc)
  19. A plant (a nice one) think succulents o something flowering or even a miniature fruit plant (note: this present requires your presence when they walk to their car)
  20. Coffee vouchers
  21. A giftcard for a major retailer
  22. Personalised pens or stationery
  23. Funky water bottle
  24. Donation to charity in the name of the classroom
  25. Combine forces with the whole class to buy one gift
  26. Some cool baking implements kmart hack for teachers
  27. Quality books for the classroom
  28. Magazine Subscription
  29. Novelty Jelly beans
  30. Your time as a parent in the last week to help clean up the classroom
  31. Battery powered sharpener (way cooler than you can imagine)

At the end of the day what matters most is taking the time to show your appreciation for the time your teacher has put in to helping to educate your child and showing your child the importance of giving thanks. Sometimes gifts are best given in the morning when spirits are high and little people are more likely to be the most loving (there I said it). I added that because mine has been known to run out of the class at the end of the day and refuse to say anything. I learnt that giving thanks in the morning and a farewell in the afternoon is a great way of ensuring we dont miss out on thanking the person who has looked after my child for 12 months. 

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