17 Super Seed Pod Ideas | Nature Play

Nature play with seed pods

If your Brisbane Kids are anything like mine, they won’t be able to walk past any of these seed pods without insisting on bringing them home. There are some on our deck, there’s one on the kitchen windowsill, there’s even one in my handbag! If you’re inundated too, then fear not, there are a million and one uses for these wonderful creations of nature … here are the first seventeen!

Note: Seeds from the Moreton Bay Chestnut tree are poisonous if eaten, so young Brisbane Kids may need supervision.

1. The perfect boat

Nature play with seed pods

Seed pods are perfect as boats for play people. Make bath time extra fun or head down to the duck pond to set sail!

2. Trinket bowl

Nature play with seed pods

Pods are great for organising and storing your jewellery and other trinkets.

3. Conkers!

Nature play with seed pods

Back in the days before Minecraft and Angry Birds, kids played real games like the old playground favourite – Conkers. Thread a knotted string through a hole in your chestnut seed and you’re ready to play! Instructions on how to play conkers can be found here


4. Nature toy

Take a pod with 3-5 seeds and paint each seed and its corresponding chamber a different colour — hey presto, a toddler sorting activity! Toddlers practise fine motor skills and learn colours through sorting the seeds into their matching chambers.

5. Homemade potpourri holder

Nature play with seed pods

We filled our pod with lovely aromatics — cinnamon, cloves, dried flowers and dried orange — to make this wonderful potpourri.

6. Art stamps

Nature play with seed pods

Make wonderful nature art using seeds and pods as paint stamps!

7. Snake

Nature play with seed pods

String lots of seeds together to make a cool chestnut snake, like this one from Red Ted Art.

8. Gift box

Nature play with seed pods

Go green with gift wrapping by decorating a pod with paint, nail varnish, craft items and a ribbon tie, and making it into a gift box!

9. Desk tidy

Large seed pods are excellent for keeping kids’ desks clutter free, with separate chambers for all their stationery items.

10. Gumnut baby bed

Nature play with seed pods

Brisbane Kids will love this super cute idea of using an empty seed pod as a cosy cot for gumnut babies!

11. Planter

Nature play with seed pods

This is great for encouraging green thumbs! Use empty seed pods to grow new seeds or plant some flowers or herbs and watch them grow.

12. Spider web

Nature play with seed pods

Stick skewers into your seed, then loop string around each one, going round and round till you have a cool spider web. Then simply stick on eyes and fangs and push in some pipe cleaner legs to make a scary spider.

13. Spider repellent

If you’re not a fan of the eight-legged beasties, an old wives’ tale says that leaving chestnuts around your house can keep away spiders. Arachnophobes, get collecting!

14. Rolling art

Nature Play with seed pods

Get your Brisbane Kid to make a cool painting like this one from nurturestore.co.uk. Just dip a seed in paint and roll it around a piece of paper to create a cool pattern. If you have an old tray to do this on it will help contain the mess.

15. Soap dish

Nature play with seed pods

Seed pod = soap dish. Done!

16. Chestnut animals

Nature play with seed pods

Why not make some funny chestnut animals like these ones by aestheticfauna.com

17. Painted seeds

Nature play with seed pods

Kids will love painting and decorating their own seeds with bright colours, fun shapes or interesting patterns.

Get collecting today and enjoy some super fun seed and pod crafts!

Nature play with seed pods We’ve got lots of great Craft and Fun Ideas for your Brisbane Kids, as well as tonnes of ideas for getting outdoors and exploring nature. For more nature play, check out the Brisbane Kids Scavenger Hunt Adventure.

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  1. Kylie Smith says:

    When doing these activities with children, it should be noted that this plant’s leaves and seeds are poisonous if ingested and supervision should be paramount at all times. It is the Moreton Bay Chestnut tree or Castanospermum australe.

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