15 Memorable Baby Shower Favours

baby shower

Baby showers are a great way to help your expectant friend or family member get a bit more prepared in the lead up to their little one’s arrival.  For many of us it’s also a good excuse to catch up, play some games and ooh and ahh over the impossibly tiny outfits that are revealed beneath layers of soft pink or blue tissue paper.  Whilst it is definitely not the norm or expected, it is becoming more and more popular to create favours for guests to take away with them as a thank you or as a prize for winning one of the games that are played.

There are literally hundreds of great ideas out there that would be perfect as a gift and below is a list of some of our favourites.

1.  Buy and fill a mini plastic baby bottle with sweets or chocolate.  Some online sites sell them with pink or blue tops for less than a dollar. We found the example below online from http://whowants2party.com.au/

baby shower favour

2.  Rubber duckies are synonymous with little babies and can be bought cheap from anywhere.  Pop one in a little box with some chocolates and some ribbon around the outside to add an extra touch.

rubber duck favour

3.  All women love candles and there are some great ones you can buy as the perfect gift at your baby shower.  Buy a baby powder scented votive candle and put a pretty ribbon or bow around the base.  Pink Frosting also have some with little baby images on the front for only $2.95 or you can purchase some sweet baby-related candles from The Baby Shower Shop for around $3.00.

4.  Cookie Cutter and Recipe – Buy a baby-themed cookie cutter (duck, doll, bear etc) and attach it with ribbon to a little recipe card titled “Recipe for Motherhood”.  Then on the recipe card print the cookie recipe.

We found these cookie cutters at The Baby Shower Shop

feet cookie cutters

5.  Bottle Trophies – have a bit of fun and for the placegetters of different games hand out these clever bottle trophies where cheap plastic bottles were hot glued to wood bases and spray painted with metallic paint.  Very funny!

6.  Another fun idea for a prize or favour is these fun egg timers also sold by Pink Frosting.  We like these in particular as they are perfect for the occasion but also something each guest can use daily!

7.  Make some very sweet little material pouches and fill with a few sweets or some home cooked biscuits.  A simple tutorial on how you can make these can be found here.

8.  Why not give your guests a sweet treat to walk away with?  These adorable little cheesecake party favours look fantastic and are quick and easy to make!  Just personalise with a name label (maybe in the shape of a little footprint). (Full instructions for the cheese cake gift can be found at Project Nursery

baby shower cheesecake favours

9.  A really sweet idea seen at Beaucoup is to purchase some miniature bird’s nests (there are plenty of places that sell these in Australia online).  Buy some coloured almonds or chocolate eggs and wrap a small amount of them in cellophane.  Wrap some ribbon around the nest and eggs to hold them together and then finish off with a decorative name tag.

10. It could be as simple as a bottle of blue or pink nail polish (depending if the gender is known) with a thank you tag around the neck.

11. Create some mini infused sugar favours that are just perfect for a vintage style baby shower.  Grab some sugar, citrus zest, small glass containers and twine and away you go.  Feel free to try other flavours too like lavender and almond oil. All you’ll need is sugar, citrus zest, glass containers, and twine to create mini infused sugar favors. Perfect for a vintage themed baby shower, try changing up the flavors with lavender, almond oil, and other sweet flavors. You could even set up a DIY table and let guests make their own for a fun shower activity. Get the full directions at Sugar and Charm.

sugar and charm

12. Baked goods are always a popular choice.  Some yummy cookies made with a variety of fun baby-related cookie cutters, iced and put on sticks then wrapped in cellophane is a sure winner.  These can even be used as a party decoration initially if you stand them all in a jar and get the guests to collect them as they leave.

13. Another gorgeous idea is the buy some simple white mini photo frames and then decorate them with coloured buttons in different sizes.  Super fun and easy.  Here’s a look at a cute one at Beaucoup.

button frame for baby shower

14. If you are throwing a tea party themed event you can always buy a cheap set of plastic kids teacups and fill one with treats for each guest and then cover in cellophane and wrap with a ribbon.

15. As nesting is a popular theme for a baby shower you may want to get creative and make a beautiful birdseed hanger in whatever shape you desire.  A step-by-step tutorial on how to make these can be found here.

Remember, the key to a great favour is something fun, simple and sweet that says thank you to the guest and creates a memory for the mum-to-be too. If you are simply looking for baby shower gift ideas then you should head over to Shops We Love on Brisbane Kids.

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