Awesome Ideas for School Fundraisers

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Tired of the same old sausage sizzles and pie drives? Take your school fundraising up a notch AND have fun with these great ideas!

1. Movie night

What better way to bring the school community together than with a big old movie night in the school hall? Tickets can be individual or a family pass, and you can even create a theme, complete with fancy dress. Why not go all out and organize a “candy bar” too? Buy lollies in bulk and divvy them into individual “lolly bags” for $1 each. You can also buy things like soft drink, poppas, chips and so on in bulk and sell these on the night too. Just don’t forget tea and coffee for the grown ups!

2. Easter fundraiser

It’s not too late to get your school on board for an Easter fundraiser. Cadbury does special Easter egg packs, while Bakers Delight has your hot cross buns covered. Just put together an order form, distribute via the newsletter and put in the order. Contact Cadbury ( or your local Baker’s Delight for more info.

3. 5c fundraiser

Want to get rid of those pesky 5c pieces weighing down your wallet? That’s the idea behind this coin drive with a twist. Kids collect and bring in every 5c piece they can find over a given period, say about one month. At the end, the class that raises the most money wins a treat – iceblocks or a pizza party for example. It’s simple and easy for everyone involved; just don’t get stuck counting the coins!

4. Billy’s Gourmet Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love cookies? And moreover, cookie dough! The team at Billy’s Gourmet Cookie Dough offer 1kg tubs of cookie dough that can be ordered and sold on for a profit for your fundraiser. Ordering is simple and can be done online, once order forms have been distributed and collected. This is one of Australia’s top fundraising activities and requires no up-front payment. With flavours like “Caramel fudge” and “White choc macadamia” you’ll be hard-pressed not keeping it all to yourself! ‪

billies cookie dough

5. The School Fete

Organising a school fete isn’t for the faint-hearted. But if your school doesn’t have one already, it is a really fantastic way to raise money and bring the community together. Round up a group of enthusiastic parents and start by talking to the principal and P&C committee. Each class can be responsible for their own fundraising activity at the fete; pot luck competition, a bake sale, apple bobbing and so on. For more fete ideas check out

6. Personalised picture plates

Do you still have the melamine picture plate you drew as a child? These are treasured mementos of our childhood and a must for every family. The team at Picture Products makes it super easy and even has a bunch of additional fundraiser items like clocks, calendars and mugs on which you can showcase your budding Picasso’s artistic talents. ‪

7. Set up a Sports Canteen

A great little fundraising money-maker is to find a local sports club and offer to organize an informal canteen for their home games. Keep it simple with tea, coffee, biscuits, cakes, muffins, and soft drinks – items you can buy in bulk but nothing that needs to be prepared in advance or kept warm. All the better if your children actually play sports there – ask parents to help out by volunteering on the canteen with you.

8. Put together a school cookbook

Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Chances are you’re not alone. But you don’t have to be Nigella Lawson to put together to a school cookbook full of family favourites. Whether it’s a traditional Sunday roast, a 10 minute stir-fry or frozen fruit pops, everyone has something to contribute. The team at Published Authors can help put it all together and give your school cookbook the professional look.

9. Organise a walk-a-thon

Promote health AND fundraise? You bet. Organise a walk-a-thon where children get sponsored for every lap they walk around the school oval. Add some incentives to boost motivation: kids who raise over a certain amount can receive an iceblock at the end, and a prize goes to the highest fundraiser.

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10. Organise a dance night

A kids dance night is a heap of fun and a great way to raise money for your school. Pick a theme to provide a focal point – decorations, outfits, even a special dance. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a little extra by selling drinks to all those thirsty dancers, not to mention tea and coffee for the volunteer Mums, Dads and teachers. Stuck for a theme? There’s nothing like a bush dance for some good old Aussie fun.

11. Hold a bake sale

Oven mitts at the ready! Nothing says “competitive baking” more than a school bake sale. This is one fundraiser where almost everyone will be keen to get contribute, as well as sample the produce! Give parents plenty of advance warning and ask each household to contribute something. Make sure you keep a list though, as you don’t want to end up with 700 chocolate cupcakes! The organizing committee and/or teachers can man the stall and handle the money (and take home any leftovers as payment). If you think you will lack the participation then try for a pie drive and organise a professional company to do the baking.

12. Fancy dress day

This one’s a cinch. Talk to the principal about holding a free or fancy dress day. Everyone wearing free dress makes a gold coin donation, which is collected by their teacher at the beginning of the day. All profits go to the school – fundraising sorted. It’s that easy. Why not combine it with a bake sale or follow-on movie night to keep the fundraising momentum going?

13. Organise a class tea towel

A class tea towel is a lovely way for every child to contribute something meaningful. It’s easy to organize: each child draws something – a self-portrait or a little sketch – and then all the drawings are collated and turned into a 100% cotton tea towel. These make fantastic gifts for Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day, as well as for grandparents, aunts and uncles. The team at Expressions can get your class tea towel sorted, as well as other great products such as aprons and carry bags.

14. Trivia night

Round up friends and family for an all-in trivia night in the school hall. Teachers, parents, neighbours – the more the merrier. Keep the quiz questions coming with small teams, varied themes and lots of prizes, all donated by local businesses of course. Fame Trivia Company takes the work out of it, so all you need to do is brush up on those trivial pursuit questions!

For more great fundraising ideas and to connect with the companies who can help, head to

15. Bunnings Sausage Sizzles

We won’t pretend it’s easy to get a spot but get in touch with your local Bunnings, Masters and even your local Harvey Normans to find out about their sausage sizzles. The key is to try and get a public holiday or weekend if you can. This is a great way to raise money in one day.

16. Plaster Fun House Belmont

Plaster Fun House can assist schools, kindergartens, play-groups, senior citizens, scout groups, or virtually any group or organisation with their fundraising activities, by providing creative and profitable opportunities.

Do you have other fundraising ideas that have worked for your school or educational facility? Please list them below to help others in your community support their schools. 


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3 responses to “Awesome Ideas for School Fundraisers”

  1. Renee says:

    you forgot have a Tupperware party and raffle the host gifts or take 10% of the profits

  2. Angela Woodall says:

    Chocolate drives and fun runs and our school has a partnership with the VMR to do a Boaties market 3 times a year selling all boating, camping and fishing items. These are are biggest events.

  3. Jessica says:

    Don’t forget the Entertainment
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    new Entertainment™ Digital Membership for smartphones being Brisbane’s longest
    standing and most trusted provider of real offers for restaurants, cafés,
    attractions, hotels, shopping, groceries and travel! Sold as an exclusive
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